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Current Issues

Periodically, we send out announcements with interesting current issues or teachings from various Christian Ministries who are helping Christians stand for truth. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these messages that we have included below for your learning.

Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!


Humility in the Courtroom

The nation watched an entire courtroom break out in humility after the murder conviction of Amber Guyger. Listen to presiding Judge Kemp explain what happened…

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Bold Witness for Christ

If a police officer shot and killed your brother, would you have this much forgiveness in you? Not many dry eyes in the courtroom after Brandt’s bold stand.

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Let’s Make a Deal (with PureFlix)

A recent Apostasy Report reveals that while evangelical leaders have been shaking hands with TBN for decades, some are forging partnerships with PureFlix, who actively promotes Catholics…

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Don’t Take My Bible Away

What if you were approached by police for preaching to the passersby and they cuffed you? What would be going through your mind? What would you say? This happened recently in…

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We Just Made History!

A landmark Supreme Court ruling over the World War I Monument, the Peace Cross, will help secure Christian liberties for years to come. It’s a big win for Christian liberties…

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Nation of Islam

Is the Nation of Islam under deception when it comes to the identity of Jesus? Listen to what one of  their leaders, Louis Farrakhan has to say. It’s always good to QEQE: Question Everything and Question Everybody!

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Convert or Die

When faced with the ultimate choice between life and Jesus, what choice would you make? Listen to the amazing testimony of Habilia in Nigeria who trusted Christ and was given life against all odds.

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Choose Life

There’s a silent holocaust going on worldwide. Abortion is the number one cause of death worldwide. New 4D Ultrasound proves that life exists in the womb. Are you and those around you choosing life?

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Age of the Earth

Evolutionary thought is stealing people’s eternities, and this video will give you an arsenal of weapons to destroy its foundations and wake up the lost to the truth of the Bible.

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Question of Origins

How many people do you know who have bought the lie of evolution? Did you know that it fails the test of empirical science? What very simple questions can you ask to get the evolutionists you meet to think through whether evolution is truth or fiction?

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Modern Educayshun: Feedback

Our recent newsletter about Modern Educayshun prompted several parents to write in to say what happened to them. Read the horror stories, agenda of some educators, and parents who have caught on to the dangers of higher learning today.

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The Homeless: Our Neighbors

A friend of the ministry gets involved in the lives of the homeless. Watch this video and see how the homeless need hope and the truth of God’s love. Then see if any ideas hit you about how you might help them, too.

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 If they hate me 4

If The World Hate Me. . .

It’s costly to be a believer, especially overseas. Never underestimate how merciless the hatred toward Jesus can be. Will the winds of persecution come to the U.S. one day?

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Maafa 21

The history of black America includes the dark past of abortion, eugenics, and more. This fact-packed documentary is riviting and compelling. God has created all life, and all life is to be cherished.

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professional sports tile 4

Warnings about Professional Sports

We live in a day when the entertainment of sports is held very high. What effects do they have on our society as well as the Christian? This is a very thought-provoking article.

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Sin City – The Las Vegas Massacre

When tragedy strikes, it gets our full and complete attention. Where did the victims of the Las Vegas Massacre go when their souls left planet Earth? Who reached them for the gospel?

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Trey Gowdy – The Ezekiel Fingerprint

Listen as Trey Gowdy recounts the surprising evidence that surfaced during the case of Ricky Samuels. The facts don’t lie. And the stakes are too high to not tell the truth because the truth will come out eventually.

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Walter Scott’s Mom – “It’s Not Over!”

The mistrial of Walter Scott gave his mother, Judy Scott, an opportunity to declare her faith in Jesus Christ without wavering. Listen to her impassioned testimony to His faithfulness.  Would you give the same?

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Bill Warner – Political Islam

The concise and powerful facts in this video will not only help you to reach Muslims for Christ, but they will also help you to equip non-Muslims and other Christians to understand the seriousness of the times we live in.

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Religion of Peace: Islam

Religion of Peace is a website that keeps up to date with the latest reports about Islam around the world. The statistics being reported are stunning, which we do not hear about in the media.

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Two Centuries of U.S. Immigration

This fascinating video shows how God is bringing the world to America where Christians can give them the gospel. Everyone can be a missionary in their own communities without traveling across the world.

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Pastor Umar Mulinde

Listen to this moving 9-minute video where Umar Mulinde tells his story about being raised Muslim, leaving his faith, becoming a Christian, and later being doused with acid by Muslims.

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This Shack is on Fire

Is the book The Shack fiction, allegory, doctrinal truth, or something else? Comparing its statements to the Bible will make clear the false position of Wm. Paul Young’s “universal reconciliation” views.

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Brigitte Gabriel

Have you ever wanted a quick overview of Islam’s history? Internationally renown speaker Brigitte Gabriel sums up the 1,400 year history of Islam in a few short minutes!

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