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Walking in Truth

Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!

Periodically, we send out verses as reminders to be living up to our high calling in Christ. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these short teachings from the Word of God and examples of people who are walking in faith!


Truth Falling in the Streets

We live in a day and age when truth is no longer valued. What attitude toward truth does God say the world has and the attitude that we should have?

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Recently, Mark Cahill gave a message during a friend’s ordination service. He reminds us to have compassion on others by giving them the gospel.

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Whosoever Will

There is more to Calvinism that you might think. Is it really a different gospel? What about the character of God? It’s easy to figure out with a few tools.

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Thank You!

We couldn’t do the things we do in ministry if it were not for your generous giving! We help prisons, overseas distribution, and more! Thank you!

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Don’t Swim with the Crowds

We need to wake up a sleepy church so they can wake up a sleepy generation of lost souls who have no idea what awaits them in the end.

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TBC Conference 2023 – Part 2

One of the reasons I became interested in The Berean Call was their bold, biblical stance against Calvinism.

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TBC Conference 2023 – Part 1

The Berean Call Ministry is one of my favorite ministries. They take a strong stands against error, including the internet series The Chosen.

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Raising a Genius

One mother recognized the genius of her child when others, including his father, wanted to label him as strange. Who is that genius she raised?

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To Be Almost Saved Is to Be Totally Lost

When it comes to those who are considering the Bible and evaluating its truths, we want to make sure they know what it takes to be saved?

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You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field

One friend of the ministry keeps a reminder that every time he passes through it, he is to reach the lost. What a great idea!

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Top Ten – Part 2

Our survey of people’s top ten book lists showed some interesting trends within Christianity, but what is the most important thing about these books?

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Top Ten – Part 1

If you were going to pass down to your family ten books that were important for them to have, which books would they be?

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The Forgotten Romans Road

Over the last several decades, a movement has been underfoot to undermine biblical salvation. The Bible says the sower sows the Word.

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The Land Down Under

When churches are between pastors, what can they do for teaching? Also read what some people are saying about our recent newsletters.

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Josh, Jesus, & Jersey

Josh’s church is making a difference for Christ. And as they prepare to reach their community, they are involving young and old alike!

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Every Day is Mother’s Day

Mothers have a tremendous influence over their children, as do dads. Listen to Mark’s talk about parenting and see how it’s the most important job on earth!

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Food Pantry

When you help meet people’s needs for food, clothing, or shelter, it becomes an opportunity to give them what they really need: the gospel!

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A simple 15-minute talk can pack a big punch not only for graduating seniors, but for their parents and others at the ceremoney as well as for you!

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Your Most Important Days

Need a unique approach to opening up conversations? Linda asks people some pointed questions that get them thinking about what’s most important in life.

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College Ministry Fair

Someone might just call you for help with a ministry fair, not realizing how much help you can actually give. When you give quality materials, people notice!

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Retire Well

When you retire from a job, make sure your real work is done for the Lord. Read about Keith and how he tied up loose ends before leaving the FBI.

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Playing with Balls – Feedback

Our “Playing with Balls” newsletter generated a lot of feedback. Even people in church are preoccupied with sports, rather than reaching the lost!

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Much Better Than Winning the World Cup

We heard someone from Argentina this week who is on fire to reach the lost. She has her eye on the real and eternal prize!

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Shining in the Darkness

Our lives are a testimony to our faith in Christ. Is your life a shining light in the darkness of the world? See what the Psalmist had to say.

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Happy “Bible-Reading” New Year

Bible reading is a crucial habit for all Christians and one that we and Christians throughout history encourage as an essential part of the Christian life.

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Happy New Year – 2023

A new year of history and of your life is on the horizon. Make it count and fill your arms with the lost for the Lord!

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Finish Strong

The last week of the year is filled with family and friends, but we also want to fill it with reaching the lost! Finish 2022 strong for the Lord!

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To Save Sinners

Jesus came to save sinners, but some churches are celebrating the birth of Jesus with worldly activities. The video footage is shocking.

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Supercharged in Vancouver

Sometimes, you wonder if some of your dreams and prayers will actually come true, but after reading Don’s story, you see that it can happen!

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Store Up Treasures

The Lord gives us incredible examples of living by faith, and the very short life of William Borden is one such stunning example!

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Enter Into His Gates with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a perfect time to remember all the Lord and all that He has provided you in life and for eternity! Remember to tell the lost!

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Biblical Backbone

Some people want you to follow them rather than the Lord. See what one man did as he stood up to a very powerful convention without budging.

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The Origins of Halloween

What if you knew the truth about the history of Halloween?  Would that change your mind or practices either in your church or in your neighborhood?

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Failure Is Not Fatal (2022)

If God has forgiven your sins against Him, can you do the same for others? Read about another life that was changed through undeserved courtroom mercy….

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“Of course! You have God.”

Hear the perspective of a Sanibel Island pastor after Hurricane Ian. And hear what the lost saw in him as they were seeing the devastation from the storm.

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Do Not Fear Men Who Are Going to Die

One man realized that certain ministries fed him truth and encouraged him to evangelize. Then he decided he would do something for them.

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The Riches of Wisdom (2022)

The world wants to press us into its mold, but God has given us His Word that we might gain a heart of wisdom. Will you stand on God’s Word?

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Question Everything and Question Everybody

Do you believe everything you hear? Be careful of people with platforms. We must test what we hear to make sure it’s the truth!

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Many people spend their time on celebrities of sorts, but what about spending time seeking out the lost who need to hear the gospel?

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My Soul Waits On the Lord

The Word of God gives us comfort for our every need. The Lord has anticipated and given us perspective for the evil situations we might face.

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None of These Things Move Me

When the pressure is on, is there anything that can move you away from the hope of the gospel? Or from speaking the gospel to others?

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Total Abstinence

Adrian Rogers can deliver a message like none other, and this sermon is packed full of biblical help about the subject of alcohol.

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God’s Design for Society – Feedback

We received some interesting comments from our last newsletter. Many people are yearning for God’s Design for Society.

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Hearing Voices

There are many voices in the world. Some are good, but many of them are bad. Who do you trust in the storms and crises of life?

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Moms (and Dads) are Special Every Day!

Mothers have a tremendous influence over their children, as do dads. Listen to Mark’s talk about parenting and see how it’s the most important job on earth!

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What a Sovereign God Cannot Do

This challenging message by Dave Hunt helps to expose the untrue accusations against God’s character in its proper perspective.

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The Price on the Streets

In a sea of people and merchants in the garbage market of Ghana, God met Samuel in an unbelievable way when he needed a friend most.

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Leavening the Whole Lump

When it comes to deception, it spreads throughout the whole lump. One false teaching has been leavening the church for centuries!

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I Want That Number To Be Zero

What will your meeting with the Lord will be like? Are you concerned about the lost? Do you pass people by or do you talk to them?

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Looking for Love and Truth

We have the greatest gift to give the world. They’re looking for real love and real truth. These are found in the gospel and person of Christ!

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Glory in This

In life, there are many things that pull our heartstrings, but we want to be people who put the Lord and His Word first in every situation.

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Get Out of Hell Free Card

A fascinating survey by Probe Ministries that interviewed Christians with some foundational Christian beliefs produced some shocking results.

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The Greatest Library of All Time!

The Bible, though a small collection of books, can stand against the most erudite books ever written. Why? Read to find out.

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Pressing Forward in 2022

In spite of the world’s agendas, turning the calendar to 2022 will bring lots of promise and fruitful work for the Lord.

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Know God, Know Peace

“The only way to find true and lasting peace is to have peace with God. And it all began in the manger with the gift of His Son.”

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Wishing You a Blessed Christmas Day (2021)!

“You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father’s face and tell Him you have accepted His Christmas gift.”

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From the Womb, To the Cross, To the Empty Tomb, to Eternity!

Jesus was born of a virgin for a very specific reason, yet the world tries to smear the virgin birth over with lies. Jesus purchased an unspeakable gift for mankind.

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You Are Invited!

Do you need some resolve and steeling up to reach out to family members this Christmas season? Matthew has decided to do something about their eternities!

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Thanksgiving to God

When it comes to giving thanks and counting our blessings, we really have a lot to be thankful for. Put a list together and use it at your Thanksgiving table.

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Finish Well

All along the way of the Christian life, we are called to reach the lost. Judy caught on later in life, and she’s not going to let anyone get away!!

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Who Have You Been with Lately?

The world has lots of opinions about Christians, but one thing they can’t understand is the boldness and strength the Lord gives us.

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Contend for the Faith

Mark’s new video will inspire you to get out and reach the lost. With a ton of verses to help spur you on, it is well worth the listen!

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Calling on the Lord

Now, more than ever, we need to depend on the Lord with everything we’ve got! The Word of God instructs us to call on the Lord for help!

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Everyone Invited

Merle was very bold during his son’s wedding and even made up special tracts. Just like a wedding, everyone is invited, but they must RSVP.

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The Hit List

Satan does not like soul winners. One church is teaching their members how to be on Satan’s hit list. Are you his hit list too?

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Catholic Myths – Part 2

Pick up tips for how to address the RCC priesthood and Mary worship when talking to a Catholic. We want to help them see the serious errors of RCC.

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Catholic Myths – Part 1

Can you refute the Catholic teachings of apostolic succession and transubstantiation? Catholic Myths by Charles Zonca hits these subjects and more.

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Put Your Cap On

What caps did newsboys wear and why? And how do they relate to our call to give out the gospel? Take a small walk back in time and step into your world today.

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Not Even Close

When compared with anything the world has to offer, the Bible stands alone. In it, God gives wisdom for living and for dying.

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Willing To Face the Truth

When scholars and educated men of the past opened their Bibles, many of them recognized they were coming face to face with God’s truth.

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Every Day is Mother’s Day

Mothers have a tremendous influence over their children, as do dads. Listen to Mark’s talk about parenting and see how it’s the most important job on earth!

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Total Blessing

Solid teaching about evangelism can make all the difference in the world. Read about Ken and how his focus changed after reading our some of our books.

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The Soul Set Free

Reaching inmates behind bars is a mission field all its own, as Joshua knows. Are you reaching prisoners with the gospel? Helping the lost to be set free?

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It’s All About the Gospel

The disciples slept while Jesus prayed in the Garden, even though He implored them to stay alert and pray. Are we sleeping at such an urgent hour?

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The Fishermen’s Club (2021) – Part 2

What if someone jumped out of a tree and came running toward your car? What if that person was a drug dealer? Would you help them out?

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The Fishermen’s Club (2021) – Part 1

If Jesus said He would make us fishers of men, then we should be fishing if we are following Him. Are you part of the true Fishermen’s Club?

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Everlasting Hope

With the Lord, there is always hope, even when the hour is dark. Read God’s Word and also about a church that is reaching the lost with that same hope!

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Trust in the Lord

In these trying times, it’s always good to know that we can fully trust in the Lord and not in the devices of men.

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Dying Grace

When you are spending your life honoring the Lord, you also want to honor the Lord in your death, even if that means persecution?

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He First Loved Us

Does God foreordain us to love Him? Does He foreordain only some people to love Him? Does God cause sin? What does the Bible say to Calvinism?

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God Is Not a Fraud

False teachings pop up from time to time. Are you able to recognize the false teachings about God’s character found in Calvinism?

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Do You?

The world is pumping out lies about the pandemic? Do you know the real cause behind these deaths? Do you know who is behind those lies?

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Kings of the Earth

God cares how the kings of the earth rule. He warns those who conspire together against Him that they will be broken to pieces, as seen in Psalm 2.

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Ordering Your Steps

We want to order our steps according to God’s Word and be reaching the lost, so we can be ready and full of joy the day we meet the Lord!

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Finish Strong

As we approach the end of 2020 and look forward to 2021, we want to continue fighting the good fight of faith and finish strong for the Lord.

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Thanksgiving to God

When it comes to giving thanks and counting our blessings, we really have a lot to be thankful for. Put a list together and use it at your Thanksgiving table.

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Silent No More

When it comes to talking about Jesus Christ, the silence is everywhere and it is deafening. If there were ever a time to speak up for the gospel, the time is now!

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No! No! A Thousand Times No!!

See for yourself if the following video in biblical or not? Do we suspend our sound reasoning and wisdom as we come to living out the Word of God?

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Time to Leave – Feedback

The feedback about our Time to Leave newsletters shows some people fake speak in tongues and others are committed to it.

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Preparing for the Future

Seth Harding is on track to be the youngest lawyer in Alabama history. He gives the credit to his faith, parents, and homeschooling.

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“Arithmatic” – Feedback

After the controversial topic of Harvard’s view of parents and educating children, we received some interesting feedback from readers.

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Reading is Fundamental – Part 2

We want to read, but we need to sift. We need to be informed, but we need to discern. Study so you walk, love, and fellowship in truth.

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Reading is Fundamental – Part 1

Reading is becoming a lost art. As Christians, we want to be voracious readers so we can speak truth about the Bible and worldly trends.

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Every Day is Mother’s Day!

Everyday is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Children’s Day! Are you building up everyone around you with truth and thanksgiving?

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Missing Any Idols in Your Life?

The world under Covid restrictions has become a different place. Is God the focus of your life? Will the nation make God its focus, too?

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A Wake-Up Call

The numbers of people who are reading their Bible has jumped drastically since the onset of the Coronavirus. Are you reaching them for Christ?

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Today is the Day of Salvation (2020)

Do you need a good sermon to send to the nonbelievers in your life? This talk covers what they need to know and will help sharpen your witnessing skills.

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Finish Line

Michael Leal has the salvation of souls as his primary goal, even though his free speech was challenged in court. Are you speaking up for the gospel?

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Becoming Who You Need To Be

Noah Riner made the news in 2009 at Dartmouth. If given the opportunity, what would you say to an audience?

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Save Life

Do you care about the unborn to the point of offering to provide assistance to the mother and child to prevent the child from being aborted?

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Reaching Beyond America

Mark Cahill thanks all of you for your giving which makes it possible for him to send materials beyond America to other parts of the world!

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Here Today, Where Tomorrow

We get some unique ideas for sharing your faith. Read what one man in the Minneapolis Metro area is making to reach the lost….

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Failure Is Not Fatal

If God has forgiven your sins against Him, can you do the same for others? Read about another life that was changed through undeserved courtroom mercy….

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Standing Up for What You Believe

Would you have the courage to stand against serious error, risk losing your position to stand with Christ? Read how one pastor did just that! . . . .

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Cat sitting on picket fence post in moonlight

Straddling the Fence

We want to encourage and challenge other believers to walk in truth. If the Bereans searched the Scriptures, shouldn’t we? You decide. . . .

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Today is the Day of Salvation – Feedback

Want a solid, start-to-finish sermon to give to lost people to help them understand the seriousness of making the right choice for salvation? This talk is for you!

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Doing Your Best for Jesus

When faced with people dying, what choices will you make? Hear the story behind a classic hymn based on the heroism of a man who did his best for Jesus.

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More Valuable Than Many Sparrows – Feedback

The strong opinions of Mrs. Sparrow, ex-Catholic and ex-Christian, prompted some insightful comments about what she missed in church.

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Pride Goeth Before Destruction

The politics of sports is becoming politically minded. If you were forced to promote a worldly agenda or lose a multi-million dollar contract, what would you do? See the decision that top athletes are making.

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Remembering the Fallen

John Boyer, WWII vet in his 90s, passionately recalls the lasting impression one faithful Christian soldier made on him three days before WWII ended. It still brings him to tears today.

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Sharing-the-Good-News 1

Sharing the Great News

Take the “Spring Challenge.” One couple did and witnessed to someone every day. Their lives and the lives of those they reached are forever changed. What’s on your list for spring?

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Love is a Sacrifice

God does God-sized things. So when He says He loved the world, He didn’t just say it, He demonstrated it. He paid a heavy price by sacrificing His Son on the cross for the sins of the world.

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Prisoners Reaching Prisoners

The Lord will use us wherever we’re at to serve Him to reach the lost. This riveting story of a prisoner on the “inside” is doing just that. Read about how he reached another inmate with the gospel!

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Happy New “Bible-Reading” Year

The New Year is here and so is the opportunity for a fresh commitment to reading your Bible through in the coming year. So don’t get behind. Get started today, and make 2019 a great year for the Lord!

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Christmas Hope

Mark Cahill Ministries is thankful for all of the giving you do! We also invest in other ministries who are making a tangible difference in reaching the lost across the world. One such ministry is an orphanage in India….

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Thankful Feedback (2018)

Our “Thankful” newsletter received tremendous feedback, some good and some bad. Does it matter if we walk in truth? Should we be Bereans who check the Scriptures to test all things?

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Walking in Perfection

One of my favorite ladies who is finishing her race of faith well learned three critical things when she was facing one of the biggest trials of her life. What were those three things?

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Heavenly Headlines

Ashley has taken the Great Commission to heart and has done amazing things! That powerhouse of outreach is inside of each Christian! Are you making the headlines in Heaven as well?

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Are you open to God’s calling to be an evangelist wherever you are? Listen to one woman from Europe who is thrilled to be doing God’s will in her home and neighboring countries!

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Tsunami of Truth

Are you flooding your community and beyond with the gospel of salvation. Read about a man who received a One Second After You…booklet just days before he died.

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Motorcycle Parts Angel

One man has dedicated his business to reaching the lost. And people have answered the mail! See how the Lord can use you when you put it all on the line to give someone the gospel!

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Training in Truth

What is your study group going to study this coming year? Youth groups, Sunday school classes, and other groups need discipling in evangelism so they know how to better reach the lost.

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Encouraging the Brethren

We can have only one of two possible relationships with others: witnessing or fellowship. One lady, Elaine, wrote in to say how another believer encouraged her to be living fully for the Lord….

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Turning Ireland Upside Down

How far are you willing to travel to turn the world upside down for the unborn and the gospel of Christ? See how one man who cares has even been reported in the New York Times!…

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Train Up

How early in a child’s life should he be trained up in the Lord? We can turn to the Bible for that answer. Listen as you hear some amazing verse flowing off the lips of this child who is tender and young….

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Readers and Heeders – Feedback

Some readers took the New Year’s challenge to read their Bibles cover to cover this year. They have some great ideas about how to do that and how to serve the Lord with what they learn.

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Read and Heed

People love to read, but what are they reading? Do we consider something to be “safe reading” yet find out later that it’s not that safe after all?  How would you know? And what steps are you taking to be sure that you’re taking in truth? Not dropping your guard? How can you remain faithful to God’s Word?

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Hungry- Feedback

After sending out the newsletter about the importance of knowing our Bible and witnessing, one reader had some fascinating comments.

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professional sports feedback

Professional Sports – Feedback

We got a lot of feedback on the article about Professional Sports. Listen to what one parent had to say about it.

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QEQE tile maze-bright

QEQE: Excerpted from Ten Questions from the King

What great questions are you asking the lost to get them thinking about eternity and the judgment to come?

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“Wasted Years” by Tom Kesting

The Bible tells us to pay careful attention to how we are living our lives for the Lord. How we live affects more people than we might realize.

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“The Watchmen” by Erin Philpott

At the age of 16, Erin Philpott has a gift for writing poetry. Sophisticated call to be a watchman on the wall for the lost and the slumbering.

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