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“Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and to the Great Commission, Mark. You are a role model that many, many more of us who are...
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Jeff J.
“Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and to the Great Commission, Mark. You are a role model that many, many more of us who are Christians need to follow, regarding your faithfulness, your burden for souls, and your kind and friendly heart. Your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven is my all-time favorite book. My second-favorite book is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Of course, both of those fall below the importance of the Bible, and the Bible is 66 books anyway (not just one), so the Bible is above and beyond my list of favorite books, since it alone is God’s Word, and no book can compare to it.”
Jeff J.
Jeff J.

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We hope you are encouraged and strengthened by the teachings in these videos and by the real-life witnessing stories found throughout Mark’s teachings. These presentations bring the truths of God and the need to evangelize into sharp focus. You will have your own stories to tell others that will build their trust in God’s faithfulness. We hope these video resources will propel your evangelism, as they have done for so many people.


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Eternal Truth

It’s critically important for people to have a clear message about the resurrection of Jesus so they can understand and place their faith in what the Bible is teaching about salvation. There is no other Savior or gospel that can save a soul. Time is short; eternity is forever. Get the clear message out while they’re still this side of eternity.

The Cost of Discipleship

Disciples are developed through training. First, it takes being born again, but then it takes study, prayer, walking in faith, and also sharing the gospel with the lost. To get comfortable with witnessing, we need to practice, practice, practice. Train yourself to live a godly life, and that godly life will always include reaching the lost!


Big Canoe Chapel

If you were given the opportunity to encourage someone along the journey of life, what message would you want to give them so that they served the Lord with their whole heart and made wise decisions all the days of their life?

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven

Mark Cahill challenges listeners to be bold witnesses for Jesus Christ. Using humor and seriousness, he shows how the lost can’t be reached in Heaven, which means they must be reached here and now.

Contend for the Faith

Every witnessing encounter is different because every person is different. Hear how Mark engages the lost and uses verses to speak truth into their lives. A very motivating, pertinent, and encouraging message.

Pray for B.O.B.!

Did you know that sharing your faith with the lost starts with B.O.B.? It is vital to the kind of Christian life that God wants His children to live. And the blessings that follow praying for B.O.B. will last forever! 

Southwest Radio Ministries

What does the Bible say about being a Biblical watchman? We need to lift our trumpets to warn others that trouble’s coming for those do not have their sins washed away by the blood of Christ.

Today is the Day of Salvation   New!

Have you been looking for a talk to send to your unbelieving friends? One that gives clear information about salvation and helps listeners see the choices they’re making . . . or not making?   Today is the day of salvation!

Watchmen on the Wall – 2019

Watchmen watch and warn. They warn people to take refuge in Christ and arm themselves with truth. There are consequences for ignoring those warnings and safety for those who heed them.  Please watch this encouraging message.

Love is a Sacrifice

God does God-sized things. So when He said He “so loved the world,” He didn’t just say it, He demonstrated it. He paid a heavy price by sacrificing His Son on the cross for the sins of the world to show His love is genuine!

Thanks Moms (and Dads!)

Mothers and fathers who heard this talk one Mother’s Day felt it was both a good dose of encouragement and a real challenge. Lots of Scriptures and stories to encourage both moms and dads to be great, biblical parents!

The Fishermen’s Club – Part 2

Observing fishermen and their techniques paints a vivid picture of fishing for the souls of men. One friend has said, “If you’re not fishing; you’re not following.” Mark takes you from the beaches, to tourist attractions, to malls, universities, prisons, and more.

The Fishermen’s Club – Part 1

Following Jesus Christ means fishing for the souls of men. These fascinating stories about fishing and soul-winning will hopefully help to refine your witnessing skills. **The first 30 minutes have minor audio glitches that will not keep you from enjoying the lecture.

Reformers Unanimous

Need a second chance at life? You can find the encouragement and hope to get your life back on track through the forgiveness and truth of Jesus Christ.

Finding a Passion for Evangelism – Part 1

Mark shares his passion for evangelism. Listen to how you can find that same passion to reach the lost. He also shares his witnessing encounters with celebrities and with ordinary people, too.

“Sharing your faith isn’t a presentation, sharing your faith is a conversation.”

Finding a Passion for Evangelism – Part 2

Mark answers common questions that come up when witnessing to the lost. See how to easily open conversations and have boldness in reaching others daily.

The Greatest Team of All Time

Forces are afoot to pull down the foundation building block of society; the family. Listen and see what God says will uphold and strengthen the family, as well as anchor our lives.

Pray for B.O.B.

Mark Cahill urges his audience to pray for BOB! What is BOB and how can you get it? BOB will help keep you focused to reach lost people all around you!

Mark Cahill – Guest Speaker

Mark Cahill brings the urgency of reaching the lost into sharp focus. We need to reach the lost with the gospel while there’s time. If they are alive and breathing, they need Jesus

Atlanta Area Christian Professionals – Priority Associates

Mark Cahill challenges professionals to reach the lost in their workplaces and communities now because because we can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Engaging The Culture

Every second, two people die. Seven billion people need Christ. Hear an on-fire message to move you out of your comfort zone to reach everyone around you with the gospel!

No Crossing Over

Is it true that people in Hell believe in personal evangelism, but people on earth do not? Is it true that after death believers will want to help those languishing in torment, but cannot? Shouldn’t our brief time on earth be lived with this perspective in mind?

Resue the Perishing

One of the most powerful videos about warning people about the reality of hell. It is imperative that we warn people before they take their last breath!

Interview with Sunil Robert at CFC

The cross of Jesus Christ is proof positive that God wants all men saved. Follow Jesus and be a fisher of men. There is no higher calling in life than to reach the lost for salvation.

The Harvest Show

On November 8, 2006, Mark Cahill was invited to appear on The Harvest Show to speak about how God is reaching the lost through his book, One Heartbeat Away.

Being Light in a Dark World

Believers are to be light in this very lost and very dark world. Worship God not only inside the walls of the church, but outside as we encounter lost people everywhere.

FCA Leadership Camp – Day 1

Mark Cahill challenges Fellowship of Christian Athletes to live out Jesus’ call to “come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” To do that, we must know what we believe and why.

FCA Leadership Camp – Day 2

Mark Cahill speaks to the FCA Leadership Camp in Kentucky.