Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.



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Thank you for your interest in these timeless PowerPoint presentations. They are all great visual aids that will keep your audience and students riveted on the information at hand. Packed with Bible verses, these teachings drive home the point that Christians need to take seriously the mandate to engage the culture around them. Life is short; eternity is forever. People are not ready for Judgment Day and need to know the gospel so they will be.

Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!
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Thank you!



Being Light In A Dark World

Believers are called to let the light of truth shine powerfully to everyone around them. In this equipping and challenging message by Mark, he encourages the saints to be that light and reach the lost now!


Last Words

Life is precious and it scoots by quickly. Many people prepare for everything else in life but neglect to prepare for death. Their last words speak volumes about their lives. Should we invest in this perishing world or in the life to come? If it doesn’t matter the day you die, should it matter during the days of your earthly life? What is really the most precious thing to you in life?


No Excuses

The world has plenty of excuses for not believing, but some Christians find excuses for not witnessing. Answering the world’s objections to faith isn’t as daunting as it may seem. This presentation is loaded with sound rebuttals to the common questions posed by skeptics. You will be refreshed and encouraged to learn how easy it is to reach those around you after being equipped with the truths found in this presentation.



Could the intricacies of this universe have been created by random chance processes? What are the implications for man if there is a God?  Are heaven and hell real? Is anyone free from sin? What promises does God make to those who repent? What is the cost that we are to count? Take your place among those who surrender all to proclaim the good news of salvation and bid all men “Come!”