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Hello Mr. Mark my name is Caleb Green. During your sermon I was one of the people sitting in the front row on your left. I was...
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Caleb G.
Hello Mr. Mark my name is Caleb Green. During your sermon I was one of the people sitting in the front row on your left. I was enthralled for the third time in my life by the message. The first time was whenever my home church Macedonia received brother Sluggo Norris as our pastor and he preached his first message which started my road of salvation.  The second was the sermon the night I was saved on June 19, 2016. I got three of your books Sunday after service and am now reading The Watchmen.  So far I love the book and it has lead me to make changes in my personal life. Thank you for giving me an opportunity I would not otherwise have.”
Caleb G.
Caleb G.

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Mark Cahill

2010-Feb-Mark-Cahill-Okinawa-(4)-3Mark Cahill has a business degree from Auburn University, where he was a two-time Honorable Mention Academic All-American in basketball. After spending a few years in the business world, he surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ and asked God to place him where he could touch as many lives as possible. Within a year, he was teaching school. Although Mark planned to teach for the rest of his life, God moved him from teaching at a Christian high school to devoting a year to full-time evangelism. He then embarked on a speaking career.2010-Feb-Mark-Cahill-Okinawa-cropped-(6)

Speaking to thousands each year at churches, retreats, conferences, camps, and more, Mark equips and challenges the saved to go out and reach the lost. As one of his former students has said, “He’s still teaching, but in a much bigger classroom.”

While he loves encouraging audiences, his true vocation is witnessing whether at malls, music and art festivals, beaches, sporting events, bar sections of towns” wherever the lost can be found. His real-lifechinese-man-1 witnessing stories testify to the impact he has on both the lost and the saved, and demonstrate the hand God can have in the lives of all Christians.

Mark is the best-selling author of One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and One Heartbeat Away, which have been translated into over 13 languages. He has also authored The Watchmen and his two novels, Paradise and Reunion, which bring his combined evangelistic materials to over 1.4 million in print. Mark is grateful that God is using him to equip believers to reach the lost now!

Mark currently resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia.Japanese-students-1