Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.



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Over the years, people have enjoyed listening to and downloading these sermons. We trust you will be equipped and edified by the messages you will hear.

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Watchmen on the Wall – 2019  New!

Watchmen watch and warn. They watch for danger that threatens to take people captive and they warn the people to take refuge in Christ and arm themselves with truth! Dire consequences are coming for those who don’t heed, but blessings and safety for those who do!

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Pray for B.O.B.

Did you know that sharing your faith with the lost starts with B.O.B.?  It’s vital to the kind of Christian life that God wants His children to live. And the blessings that follow praying for B.O.B. will last forever!

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The Fishermen’s Club – Part 2   

Observing fishermen and their fishing techniques paints a vivid picture of fishing for the souls of men. One friend has said, “If you’re not fishing; you’re not following.”  Mark takes you from beaches, to tourist attractions, to malls, universities, prisons, and more.

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The Fishermen’s Club – Part 1   

Following Jesus Christ means fishing for the souls of men. The fascinating stories, illustrations, and parallels between fishing and soul-winning will hopefully refine your witnessing skills. **The first 30 minutes have minor audio glitches that will not keep you from enjoying the lecture.

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Reformer’s Unanimous  

Need a second chance at life?  You can find the encouragement and hope to get your life back on track through the forgiveness and truth of Jesus Christ.

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Eighteen Biblical Reasons Why Every Christian Should Share Their Faith   

Is sharing our faith optional? Is it what we are living for? How does God want us to spend our days on planet earth? Let’s explore God’s Word and see what He says about soul winning.

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Thanks Moms (and Dads)!

Mothers and fathers who heard this talk one Mother’s Day felt it was both a good dose of encouragement and a real challenge. Lots of Scriptures and stories to encourage both moms and dads to be great, biblical parents!

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Five Unbiblical Things

If you were listening to me speak and I told you upfront that I was going to make five unbiblical statements during the message, could you spot them? Well, here is your chance! Take a listen and see if you can catch my errors.

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Reaching the Lost Now

Reaching the Lost Now!

Once you have a “Want To,” once you get away from the “Afraid to,”‘ and once you know the “How To,” sharing you faith will be so much fun and so exciting!

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Time No More

Our lives are like a vapor. Eternity is rushing at each one of us. How are you using your time for the Lord? How would any of us use our time if we knew time was running out?

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Witnessing and Prayer

How important is prayer when it comes to evangelism? If we pray without ceasing, we can rest assured that God will put divine appointments in front of us. These great verses and stories will show you the faithfulness of Almighty God!

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Be a Great Giver

When God tells us that we should be cheerful givers, He means it! All followers of Jesus Christ should want to bless others. Hear how giving has blessed the Lord and created favor with many, many people.

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

One of the most important questions of all time is the question Jesus asked Peter, “But whom say ye that I am?” It is asked of a specific individual, and only the individual can answer it. Make sure you are ready with the right answer.

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Mandate for the Nations

Our call as believers is to reach the lost. Hear how Jesus invested in leaders, how both Jews and Gentiles were reached, and how to tackle the issues of pluralism and universalism in our day.

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Roman Catholicism vs. The Bible

Comparing the 1994 official Catechism of the Catholic Church to the Bible might amaze you with teachings you may have not know about before. Learn how to reach out to Catholics with the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Act UP

The book of Acts is such a powerful book about how the early church got started. It is also loaded with great information for sharing your faith. Listen and be encouraged and challenged to be much bolder in reaching the lost!

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It is time for believers to awake from slumber and cast off any works of darkness that are holding them back from serving the Lord with everything they’ve got. Eternity is rushing towards us and unbelievers are not ready for their last breath.

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It’s Not Blind Faith

Is there evidence to prove there is a God? To prove the Bible is true? To prove there is Heaven or Hell? To prove Jesus is the only way to Heaven? Listen and find out.

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Engaging the Culture

Why is it important to find out if there is a “gift” of evangelism? Why is it important that all born-again Christians start boldly engaging our culture and stop giving territory to the arch enemy of God? Hear how you can seriously impact the entire world around you.

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Winning Winning Winning

The two biggest reasons why people do not share their faith is they don’t know how, and they are afraid of rejection. Listen to this talk and see how God blows both of these reasons out of the water.

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36---Being Light In A Dark World

Being Light in a Dark World

Believers are called to let the light of truth shine powerfully to everyone around them. In this equipping and challenging message, Mark encourages the saints to be that light and reach the lost now!

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Watchmen on the Wall

Ezekiel 33 tells how the watchmen of Israel kept a lookout for the enemy so they could warn those in the camp. Are we being modern-day watchmen warning about what is happening in this world? Become a vigilant watchmen on the wall of God in the days to come.

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39---Demons and Angels

Angels and Demons

The Bible has numerous stories of demonic and angelic events. Have you ever wondered if those stories are true? As you listen, be challenged by numerous verses and stories of real life demonic and angelic experiences. There is so much more to this world than meets your eyes.

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No Crossing Over – Luke 16:19-31

Is it true that people in Hell believe in personal evangelism, but people on earth do not? Is it true that after death believers will want to help those languishing in torment, but cannot? Shouldn’t our brief time on earth be lived with this perspective in mind? 

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