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Jul 3, 2023


We have a question for all of you and one that we would like you to reply to: If you could possess only ten books, what would those books be?

What I am kind of asking is, if you could pass down only ten books to your kids and grandkids, what would those ten books be?

Please send me your list by just hitting “Reply” to this email. Here’s another link in case you prefer using it instead: [email protected].

Many thanks!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  We received this neat email from Kenroy not long ago. He is on fire for the things of the Lord and isn’t going to sit by without doing something to reach the lost!

Greetings Mr. Cahill,

I am Kenroy E. from the country of Belize located in Central America. I don’t recall exactly how I got a hold of your book entitled “The Watchmen,” but I strongly believe it was one of the books I won in a game at a couples retreat. I found your book amongst some other books I had at home and decided to finally read it, and boy, I am so glad I did!

It was exactly what I needed in this season of my life. I had been experimenting with evangelism, but after reading your book, I now understand the importance and urgency of sounding the trumpet as a Watchman.

Belize is a beautiful country and our people are warm and friendly, but just being “good” isn’t good enough. Also, pretending the “problem” is not ther, and minding your own business, is not the business of Watchmen. There are a lot of needs and lost people all around us, and for this reason, I must take up my rightful duty as a Watchman.

Thank you for being an encouragement to me and so many people around the world. May the Lord continue to bless you and inspire you.



P.P.S. What better time is there than now to determine to live for the Lord and reach the lost? We can all be on fire and decide that today is the day to give Him all we’ve got!

To help ignite that motivation in you or other believers, The Watchmen continues to be on special this week at a reduced suggested donation. Pick up some for a summer or fall Bible study. Did we mention we have a study guide to go along with it on our website?

Check out the link below and get started serving the Lord with your whole heart!




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