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The Question

Jan 14, 2023


I was reading a blog by Don Blythe, Director of At The Well Ministries. As you know, I love to think, and this blog post of his got me thinking!

The Question:

If abortion becomes illegal in America, should anyone who then procures an abortion be punished under the law? . . .

While engaging students at Long Beach State in Southern California on the abortion issue, I was approached by a student who posed that very question. I gave him the answer I will give below, and he told me that my answer was surprisingly logical and thought out, even though he didn’t want abortion criminalized.

Then the same student walked to the other side of our “Genocide Awareness Display” that we had set up on the campus quad and posed the same question to my mentor.

His answer to the student was the same answer most “pro-life” leaders have come up with.

Here it is in summary:

We do not believe that if abortion becomes illegal, women should be punished for having an illegal abortion. Women are victims, like the babies, and need our love and compassion, not our judgment. Instead, we should punish the abortionists for killing the babies and exploiting the women.

In fact, this mentor has also said, “These women [who chose abortion] are not without fault, but it is a moral fault, not a criminal fault. The remedy is spiritual, not penal.”

This statement above is lacking in reason and logic.

The question about whether or not to punish a woman who commits an abortion is clarified by a future situation of our country coming to its senses. The answer to that question is based upon a future change in society. Therefore, in a future setting, the country has overturned the deadly “Supreme Court” Roe v Wade decision for the right reasons, and the country has re-established the right to life of children living in the womb. These pre-born children would have equal protection under the existing laws that will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those fathers and/or mothers who would abuse their offspring.

Our country rightly prosecutes, now, the men and women who starve their children to death, shake them to death for crying, beat them to death in a rage, leave them in a hot car to die, lock them in a room or cage, or, as Susan Smith did in 1994, drowned her two small children in a lake because her boyfriend didn’t want any children. . . .

Certain pro-life leaders also believe, if we insist a woman is punished for having an illegal abortion someday, that our country will never get the consensus to make abortion illegal.

I will not agree to abandon truth and justice for a humanistic idea that “the people of our society won’t go for it.” That can NEVER be the reason to establish correct thinking and justice. It simply is not logical.


Don’s whole blog is fascinating. I would highly recommend that you read it.

Not only is it reasonable to hold a woman legally responsible for murdering her unborn baby, what about the man who pays for her to have the abortion? He knew what his intent was, and he should be held accountable as well.

A lady who witnesses a lot sent this to me:

I met a serious Buddhist guy on North Shore at Pipeline one evening. He was traveling the world alone. Young guy. Pretty normal and nice, etc. I was witnessing to him, and I think he was humoring me just to have company. He kept insisting that he never sins. I was running him through the law. He said he had never murdered. He had been talking about his long-time girlfriend back in Australia, so I asked if she had ever had an abortion. He said, “Yes.” I asked him if he paid for it. He said, “Yes.” I said, “Then, you’re guilty of paying to murder your baby.” He went completely pale and speechless. His whole demeanor changed. It was like the horror of what he had done made the life drain out of him. And then, finally, he was willing to take a  booklet.

If you hire a hitman to kill someone and the hitman is caught, are you also guilty of the crime he committed? For sure. You didn’t pull the trigger, but your intent was to murder the person the hitman killed.

A woman having an abortion is not an innocent bystander. She is a willing participant in the crime.

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

God does the forming in the womb―not you or I. This means you or I cannot stop the process of gestation without some consequences coming our direction.

Time to stop murdering children in America.


Until the Nets are Full,




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