Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Testimony Time


Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!

Periodically, we send out testimonies of Christians who are putting their faith into action. They serve as reminders for all of us to be living up to our high calling in Christ. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these short testimonies from regular people just like you!


One After Another

All it takes is a wake-up call for some people to really see how critically important it is to be reaching the lost before they take their last breath. That’s all it took for Colleen and she’s bteen going strong every since!     Read more…


Missing the Bus

All it takes is a wake-up call for some people to really see how critically important it is to be reaching the lost before they take their last breath. That’s all it took for Colleen and she’s bteen going strong every since!     Read more…


Waffle House

One lady was so moved by some of the newsletters we did about Waffle House that she wanted to send us some Waffle House gift cards. But as she was purchasing them, God opened up an encounter.     Read more…


Don’t Let a Day Go By

All it takes is a wake-up call for some people to really see how critically important it is to be reaching the lost before they take their last breath. That’s all it took for Colleen and she’s been going strong every since!     Read more…


Thou Shalt Not Steal

Sometimes, the truths of the Bible don’t hit home until something happens to us personally or to someone we love. And then we start paying attention to how true the Bible really is.     Read more…


Were They Ready?

The submersible, the Titan, and the Titanic have both been in the news recently. Both were ill-fated journeys heading for history. Were the passengers ready for eternity? Read about one man on the Titanic whose live counted not only on the Titanic but also for eternity.    Read more…


Be Bold for Jesus and the Truth

Reaching the lost has become a normal way of life for Wesley. He shares some of his encounters that anyone who evangelizes runs into. But have you had someone turn it around on you and try to reach you for the Lord?     Read more…


Running Out of Time

When an unexpected computer glitch and the prompting of the Lord were pressing on Bill, he stepped up and walked into an incredible witnessing opportunity that combined to reach someone as time was running out!     Read more…


Commas Save Lives

When two Christians get together, need to witness every day, and are passing by a college campus, it’s a natural fit to pull in and start handing out tracts. But then, the encounter with one student passing between classes was an unexpected treat!     Read more…


The Lord’s Freeman

Jose had a colorful history and beginning to the Christian life, but when a life is saved and changed, there is no telling what can the Lord can do with that redeemed life and how it can replicate itself in others. With the Lord, there is hope and so much more…      Read more…



People in need might end up crossing your path or even end up in your driveway! Life is sometimes hard, but we all know that life is short, and sometimes shorter than we realize.      Read more…


What Are You Up To?

When teenagers get revved up to witness, look out! One young new “fisher of men” wrote in with a question and we give you some helps to help answer it for yoursef!      Read more…


The Other Side of Trouble Bubbles

A few months ago, we told the story of Linda and her husband helping an elderly couple with car trouble. They had no idea who they were helping and what prayers they were answering. But this is the end of the story to that amazing encounter.       Read more…


Waffle House

After our newsletter about tracts at a Waffle House, Logan had his own encounter at one for his son’s birthday. As his encounter with the watress unfolds, it’s amazing!      Read more…


Saving Souls

Sometimes just a visual is all you need to realize how Christians are called to warn people that Hell is much closer than they might realize. We are on a battleship trying to prevent anyone from going there!      Read more…


Open Doors

Picking up a meal for someone can be very interesting, especially when it happens to be for someone who left a ministry position for all the right reasons. Caring for souls can come at a price, even from some unexpected places.      Read more…


What a Morning!

Driving in this crazy world can bring you face to face with some unexpected situations. And it’s getting crazier by the minute. See how one morning brought an unexpected series of insane events!      Read more…


Time to Upgrade

After two days on the phone with tech support, Adam was frustrated that he needed to upgrade his phone. But God had a serious encounter waiting for him when he went.      Read more…


Get in the Soul-Winning Game

When you are determined and prepared to reach the lost, you have no idea what the Lord might have in store for you. That was the case with Logan over Super Bowl weekend. Amazing!      Read more…


You Need a Ride?

People are in our path everywhere we go. Mark offers someone a ride and strikes up an interesting conversation with him. You might be answering someone’s prayer, even after they’ve left planet Earth!      Read more…



Even though some in our country revere comic book characters, when someone is in need for their life, they need real heroes. Tell the lost about the only true Hero to us all, the Lord Jesus Christ!      Read more…


How Is Your Attitude?

When you have great faith and trust in the Lord in the midst of hardship and suffering, there’s no telling what the Lord can provide for you. Read the story of Steven and how two Christians helped him get back on his feet!     Read more…


A Salvation Moment

There is nothing like a praying mom! And when kids hear the right message, they just might catch on to what the Bible is saying and how serious being saved is. That happened to this mom….      Read more…


I’ll See You In Heaven

When your schedule goes haywire, maybe the Lord has put something on your calendar for His purposes. That happened to a friend who called for technical support and reached Carlos in Guatemala!      Read more…


You Are Gonna Get Used

When we are constantly putting ourselves out there to reach the lost, then the Lord can use us in unimaginable ways. Ways that surpise us and get the attention of those who need to know that God is real and that He cares for them.      Read more…


Praising God at the Gas Station

Faithfulness to reach people can open up doors not only to help them in ways that will leave you speechless, but may be an divine appointment where God wants to blow everyone away with what He can do.      Read more…


Screaming for Help

Sometimes, we might stop short of approaching people who look intimidating. Stephanie was glad she didn’t let that hold her back from talking to someone with lots of tattoos.      Read more…



What if stopping for food triggered a chain reaction that you only found out about seven years later in a chance meeting? It happens!!     Read more…



Getting into conversations based on the things you notice about someone can take you in some interesting and very unexpected directions!     Read more…


Second Chances

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone needs forgiveness. Read about one encounter Mark had at a gas station with someone who surprised him!      Read more…


The Story Goes On

Have you thought about the great witnessing opportunity that class reunions provide? David didn’t miss the opportunity when it came time for his reunion. And the Lord provided some surprises through the events.     Read more…


What If?

Tyler was certainly thinking about the “what ifs” in life. He was amazed by what happened unexpectedly. Are you helping people to think through what ifs await them in this life and the next?     Read more…


Got Me Thinking

The attitude of Christians toward blessing others should be completely different from the world’s view of money and giving. Are blessings flowing through your heart to the lost?     Read more…


Used To

You never know who you will end up running into at a car shop. It might be someone who used to do the things talked about in the Word of God and needs a nudge to stay on track.      Read more…


It Doesn’t Matter

Carl is a seasoned and faithful witness. He’s seen it all. What does he think matters and what doesn’t and how does he let that affect the way he talks to people?     Read more…



Be prepared everyday to reach the lost for Christ. Some want to know, and some will shut you down without even listening for reasons they think are good, but are really just excuses.     Read more…


Fan Mail – Part 2

Contrary to last week’s newsletter, this one was positive. Adam’s waitress had in a serious car accident and he sprung into action, putting into practice what he’s been learning.     Read more…


Fan Mail – Part 1

Here at the ministry, we get a lot of mail. Some of it is just off the charts, but in ways you wouldn’t expect. Jeff did exactly that and we think you’ll find some humor in what he had to say.     Read more…


Interstate Happenings

We’ve heard of flash concerts before, but what if you were in standstill traffic and heard heavenly music coming from someone sharing the gospel with you?       Read more…


Trouble Bubbles

After decades of prayer and one more discouraging moment, an elderly wife was once again in tears and prayer for her husband’s salvation. God gave her unimaginable hope through an unexpected encounter. Incredible!      Read more…


A Senior Moment

Wayne and Linda are diligent seekers of the lost. When her husband witnessed to a war veteran, the gospel radiated out to many others, and now Linda has some stories to tell!      Read more…


Saving Money

When it comes to witnessing, blessing the lost can really open some doors. And sometimes those doors open to people who need someone to care. And with all the blessings you give away, it’s a twist on saving money.     Read more…


This Is for You Beautiful Feet People?

Sometimes, people might not want to hear what you have to say when it comes to giving them the gospel. They might even accuse you of things you’re not doing or saying because they’re pushing away truth.     Read more…


Animals or Souls?

When you’re out and about with your kids, are you still taking the time to witness to the lost? It’s a great example for them to see you witnessing, especially when it’s their father who is reaching out to give others truth.     Read more…


No Time for Hoping

How many times do you hear someone say, “I hope I get to Heaven”? Believers know they’re saved; they don’t hope they’re saved. But the lost are hoping against hope, so we need to help them find faith.     Read more…


Mary, Did You Know?

Maria, my waitress in a restaurant recently, didn’t understand what reincarnation was really all about. She also believed in the Mary apparition of Guadalupe. When she heard the truth, she wanted to know more.     Read more…


My Conscience

Are there things in the past of someone you’re witnessing to that need to be brought to the cross? Listen to the story of Sadad from Somalia who rejects the cross, but desperately needs the Lord’s forgiveness.    Read more…


Be Careful Where You Park

When you make yourself available to the lost, like going to a coffee shop, you never know if God is going to bring across your path someone who is more open to truth than even they might realize.    Read more…


Quenching their True Thirst?

When Ester went to high school, what did she learn and where did it take her? Read her amazing story of deliverance from worldly thinking and what God is doing with her repentance.    Read more…


How Can They Be So Sure?

When Ester went to high school, what did she learn and where did it take her? Read her amazing story of deliverance from worldly thinking and what God is doing with her repentance.    Read more…


Bike Week

When Diana and Brian joined the Hell Fighters to witness during the Daytona Bike Week, they put reached even the scary biker guys with the gospel! It was a full day of stories and blessings!    Read more…



When God answers your prayers in such a powerful way, then all glory goes to Him, which is always should. Read about this amazing encounter and be encouraged that the Lord hears your prayers!   Read more…


The Right Kind of Lawyer

What kinds of “Lawyers” are you encountering. It’s important to be planting seeds everywhere y9ou go because you never know when those seeds might take root and grow!   Read more…


The Sonlights

One lady has spearheaded a mini revival at her church. She and a bunch of ladies are taking to heart the Lord’s command to reach the lost. And there are several side benefits she’s realizing in life because of it!   Read more…


Learning Something New

Stan had a heart for a homeless woman he saw at a fast food restaurant, and when he finally talked to her, he learned a few things that are useful to anyone who wants to witness!   Read more…


Viva La Mexico

Aaron became a born-again Christian and has done something with his faith. Now, people south of the border are being saved and doing the same by reaching others in their communities!   Read more…


Fireman Reaching Firemen

Ever get mocked for telling the truth?  Shane ran across a photo from his old fire station where he was on the receiving end of ridicule, but it was worth it if some of the men became saved. Read how it turned out for him in the end.  Read more…


The Term Paper

Ever feel like truth isn’t sinking in with someone? Melissa was listening the whole time, especially when it came to the critical decision to keep her baby. But the whole story took 25 years to come out! Read more…


Saving Me From Me!

Sometimes, we can lose hope that others might believe. They seem so far into sin that we might be tempted to think they are beyond reaching. Megan’s story will give you immense hope for those who seem completely lost. Read more…


When a Door Opens Right in Front of You!

Would you walk into a witnessing opportunity that opened up right in front of you? It can happen in places you least expect, like in a car administering a driving test! Read more…


Feeding Their Souls with Truth

Are you afraid to approach someone of another faith for fear of not being able to witness to them? Don shows us how easy it can be to speak to Muslims and how quickly they begin to absorb truth! Read more…


Puppies, Puppies, and more Puppies

Whatever business you find yourself in, it can be used as a blessing for the Lord. Here’s the story of one lady who sold one of her puppies to a NASA engineer. She challenged him to examine the facts. Read more…


“Do You Two Know Each Other?”

Using simple conversation starters can open up the most interesting discussions. All it takes is stepping out in faith. Sometimes, wish we had said more, but often times, it’s enough because we’ve planted a strong seed. Read more…


When Opportunity Knocks

How many believers have witnessed to you? One lady, who was witnessing to her postman, was in for a real treat! And it all started with an unwelcomed celebration! Read more…


Driveway Conversations

We interact with lost people all the time. Many of them have the wrong idea about salvation, heaven and hell, and spirituality. Clear up their misconceptions and reach them while they are in front of you! Read more…


The Whole Collection

Daniel is in prison. Daniel is reading. He is searching for truth and being fed. Are you feeding the inmates you know who also need truth? The time to reach them is now! Read more…


Out at Sea

Sometimes the Lord reaches us at our lowest points in life. Renee was put in a really hard place when he was a young man. His conversion story is a bit different than most. Read more…


“I Bear You My Testimony…”

You may have heard this statement when witnessing to Mormons, but Tim has taken it to a whole new level. Talk about being bold! Read more…


One More Soul

Another Nancy happened to pick up a copy of One Second After You… and gave it to her father. What happened next is nothing short of amazing. We serve an amazing God! Read more…


Before Time is Gone

Nancy was reading One Heartbeat Away and meaning to give it to someone, but then the something happened. Are you reaching others before time is gone? Read more…


Ready to Roll

Shawn found himself in a life-threatening situation, but he was ready to roll. What would you do in you were about to take your last breath. Would you be ready to roll? Read more…


City Park

Jean is new to witnessing and is making a serious effort to reach the lost for the Lord. And God is moving through her. She is pouring out the love of the Lord. Make sure you’re doing the same! Read more…


Judy on Duty

Who in your life needs a blessing? Who in your life needs you to show them the love of the Lord? Blessing others is one of the most satisfying things to do in the Christian life. Who are the “Ettas” in your life? Read more…


Stepping Up

What do you do when you’re face to face with a witnessing situation and God presses down on your heart to turn around and go talk to someone? That happened to Jose, which he recounted on video. Read more…


When There’s a “Will” There’s a Way

How many of us find ourselves immersed in a situation where suddenly we realize the truth and have to speak out? Will wrote into the ministry to tell how this happened to him and what he did about it. Read more…


In My Father’s Hands

One thing I really love to read is what people have to say when they brag about their parents. It is heartwarming to see the bond that develops between parent and child when parenting is done well. Read more…


2 Percent Chance

A father  attending a soccer game boldly stepped out in faith to engage Augustine, who didn’t believe in Catholicism and who had survived a brush with death. Read more…


Four-Way Stop

Ever played that game at a four way stop where the drivers who arrive there at the same time wave for the other to go first? Well, that game took an interesting twist one day. Read more…


Poking Holes in Error

Carlton was interested in truth. He just needed to have holes poked in his false beliefs. When he read One Heartbeat Away, he tossed his catechism and wanted to switch religions and start reaching people. Read more…


March Gladness

Josh writes in about the loss of his teenage son and the bright future he had. Tragedy strikes and how did Josh turn his weeping into praising the Lord? This account should get the attention of all who read it. Read more…


Beach Rescue

Take a run with Roger along the beach and hear some of his stories and how he’s talking to people all along the way. He has a ton of energy and sets the example for reaching people with tracts everywhere you go! Read more…


Filling Up God’s House

When parents or others get close to eternity, we want to step up our efforts to reach them. Shawn was bold with his father and did just that! Read how his father responded. Shawn is bold everywhere he goes. Everyone needs to be reached! Be bold like Shawn! Read more…


I Give You Peace

When a loved one passes away, we can rest in peace when we know they are with the Lord. Charlotte’s mum spent her life trusting Jesus and was excited to go “home.” The funeral service and attendance were a testament both to the Lord and to her mum’s faith! Read more…


C’mon, now!

When God orders your steps, you have no idea what your day will bring. A man who shouted at Stan from the street corner, practically asking for a conversation. It all ended in one massive blessing that you can have too if you’re stepping up and stepping out in faith. Read more…


My Dad Just Passed Away

Are you living a life that others will miss speak highly of once you move into eternity? Everyone in this family wanted to make sure to reach the unsaved who attended the funeral of their father/husband. Be sure your life and death testify to the gospel. Read more…


Larry Will Reach the Cable Guy

Larry talks about waking up to witnessing. He found that tracts and good gospel materials made witnessing much easier than he originally thought. Then he put that new knowledge into action and tells an amazing witnessing story that will encourage you and others! Read more…


One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven (2020)

What would you think if you were on a flight with someone who told you their child remembered one of your talks? And what if you were able to talk to that student to encourage them after the flight? We want to help you do the same with the people you meet! Read more…


The Watchmen

We carry double duty as a watchman: We warn the lost and encourage the saved to reach the lost. One man’s pastor did for Edward who has stepped up and refuses to let his faith lie dormant ever again. Read more…


How Is Your Lockdown Going?

Even though the UK is going through lockdown, some Korean believers are still knocking on doors. And people are happy to open their doors to them. So how is your lockdown going? Are you letting it stop you? Read more…


All Aboard

You never know what can happen years after planting seeds with the lost. Trey contacted the ministry to say what happened years after meeting up with Tokyo. Are you planting seeds with the lost? Read more…


Not Going to Be Here Much Longer

One of you faithful witnesses handed Mike Tyson One Heartbeat Awaywhich he recalls on this radio program. Listen to his mention of the book and read the testimony of someone who also came to faith by reading One Heartbeat AwayRead more…


Souls in Kenya

Reaching the lost in Kenya is on the heart of this Kenyan anesthesiologist. She understands the need to reach her staff, patients, and community for Christ. Read more…


The Cable Guys

Sometimes, we head out into the world to seek the lost, but sometimes, the Lord brings the lost to us. The cable guys came to one friend’s street and she was able to reach both English and Spanish speaking workers. Read more…


45 Times in Jail

Jacob has had a hard life, but he’s thankful for those hardships because they brought him to the Lord. And the Lord used our materials to reach him. Jacob is full of thanks, now that he knows the Lord, and he passed those thanks on to us. Read more…


Locked Down but Free

Prisoners are often forgotten and without hope, but God wants us to reach those in prison. We get lots of books into prisons, and the prisoners are usually so grateful. Mike wrote in to explain how God met him with books from the ministry. Read more…


Police Appreciation

As we watch the attacks and false narratives being waged against our law enforcement officers these days, a few followers of the ministry decided to do something to show their thanks for the sacrifices the police make each day. Read more…


Benches, Booklets, & Boldness

If you were to see someone sitting in the park, would you approach them? What if they were reading religious materials? Would you engage them and give them truth? Tim did just that? He was raised to be a soul winner is producing fruit! Read more…


Encouraging Others to Share the Gospel

New believers want to share the gospel. Are they being trained up to do just that? One man explains how he finally go the help he needed and wrote in to share what he and his friends are doing to reach the lost. Read more…


A Gift for You

Conrad makes it aim to witness wherever he goes. He has a unique idea for making sure the people behind the front desks of hotels take the tract message to heart. He also scatters tracts wherever he goes! Read more…


Near Eternity

Will was close to dying when his whole life turned around. Then the Lord used him to turn someone else’s life around. And it all started with a simple question and some faithful Christians who began to pray. Read more…



When people come to your door, do you see it as an opportunity to give the gospel and bless someone? Read how one delivery lady was blessed at the right time in the right way. Read more…


Who’s Hanging Up on Whom?

Telemarketers can be frustrating, but they are opportunities to give the gospel. One telemarketer didn’t want to listen and hung up on Keith, who is blind, but then called back after work hours from his home. Read more…


Truth and Consequences

What if a rough character was plopped down right in front of you? Would you be bold enough to witness to that person? Read about what Virginia was faced with and what happened a few months later. Read more….


Opportunities Everywhere

Was your Christmas season filled with reaching the lost? If they don’t find you, then you go and find them. Hit the ground running this New Years and keep the pace going all year long. Read more….


Blessing Prisons & Prisoners

When you donate to the ministry, we use those donations for eternal projects, including getting books into prisons. The prison ministry we supply materials to read one of our books and wanted to get them into some of the 2,000 prisons they help. Read more….


The Harvest

Carl is a faithful witness wherever he goes. He’s reaching the lost with the gospel, helping the needy, doing good wherever he can, and encouraging Christians to do the same. He’s investing in the eternities of everyone around him. Read more….


Reaching Your World

Wouldn’t it be great if all Christians were fired up to reach the lost?! One man has a unique idea for reaching Christians and churches with the life-saving tools of evangelism. Read more….


WWII Veteran Finishing Well

Harry Billinge is finishing the race of faith well. He has a lot to say with a lot of spunk. How are you finishing your race of faith? What plans do you have to reach people as the year comes to a close? Read more….


Project Truth with Don Blythe

Don Blythe is on the front lines on college campuses and at abortion clinics reaching students and couples considering aborting with the truth about the life of the unborn. Read some of the surprising statements that young people hear, believe, and repeat in “echo chamber” of society.” Read more….


Here Today, Where Tomorrow

Jon Olson wants to reach the lost in the Minneapolis metro area, so he’s come up with a unique way of blessing the homeless as well as giving them the gospel. Read about his idea and how he’s involved his granddaughter to help as well.” Read more….


Moving in the Direction of Truth

Have you wondered if your witnessing efforts are making a difference? What if years later someone you witnessed to but don’t remember contacts you to say how God used you in their life? Read more….


Childhood Investment

Believers deal in the currency of truth. Investing truth in the lives of young people can pay dividends throughout this life and the life to come! Read more….


Stepping Out by Faith

Don hit the boardwalk of Old Sac and found himself in the middle of some tough characters. He was still in tact after it was all over. He still witnesses everywhere he goes, even in tire shops! Read more….


Does God Show Up When We Share Our Faith?

Steve stepped up and stepped into the lives of a mother and son, and was used by the Lord to witness to an entire crowd. See how God showed up as an unusual answer to his family’s prayer. Read more….


Stepping Up in Tennessee

Sometimes we need a “visual” for how to witness to the lost. Read about the determination and fearlessness Micah, a Christian college professor made after seeing faith put into action. Read more….


Tiny Dancer

What kind of witnessing experiences would you expect to have at an Elton John concert? See what the affluent, the world, and Christians had to say when Mark handed them tracts! Read more….


Crime Scene

God used this crime and the faithfulness of a Christian to reach one of the police officers called to the scene in an amazing way! One thing is for sure, God uses our faithfulness! Read more….


Supersonic Ejection

Ever put your arm out of your car window to cool off or feel the rush of air? Air Force Captain Brian Udell found out one fateful night. None of us knows if we even have tomorrow. Read more….


A Night in Jail

Sometimes, the situations we find ourselves in God uses for our good! This story is about someone who had her life turn completely around because of one night in jail. Read more….


Pocket Full of Tickets

Having a pocket full of tickets came in handy for one man and his wife. We want to stand before the Lord with no more tickets to Heaven in our pockets! Read more….


Home Alone

Ten-year-old Joshua found a way to obey his parents and obey the Lord at the same time. He wrote in to tell us what happened one day when he was home alone. Read more….


The Hindu “Christian”

This witnessing story is really going to make you think! False teachings are swirling all around us. Are you ready to spot doctrinal error? Will you be able to help the “Dots” of the world to do the same? Read more….



The world turns its attention to the Olympic Games every four years, but one man will never forget how God used the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea to change his life forever. Read more….


I Found a “Cahill”!

You never know who God is trying to reach behind bars. Shannon and his friends didn’t have a lot to look forward to in jail, but they were on the lookout for a “Cahill”! Read the letter that Shannon sent into the ministry. Read more….


Blow the Trumpet Loud and Clear!

Where does the responsibility for witness lay? One would certainly think that pastors would be responsible for witnessing, but is that always the case? Read about the encounter of one man with someone who is vested with the trust not only to preach the gospel, but to reach the lost as well. Read more….


Christmas Gratitude

When the heart of the lost is really touched, they can’t help but give overflowing thanks for the love we’ve shown and the truth we’ve given them. Make sure to be reaching the down and out and watch the blessings for reaching them for Christ spill over into the lives of many. Read more….


“That Man’s a Hero”

Robert Morris was destitute and hopeless when he was spotted by Deputy Sheriff Matt Holman late one night. God used that encounter to do something that neither one of them expected or will ever forget. Read more….


Jesus Save Me! Help Me!

Read the fascinating account of Michael who was caught in the path of Hurricane Irma and found himself on the bring of death. Then read about God’s faithfulness to answer his prayer and and provide for his rescue in his hour of need. Read more….

Beth-Nesseth-and-grandkids 1

Grandkids Go Witnessing

Two grandmothers take their grandchildren witnessing in downtown Grand Rapids. How did the people they gave tracts to receive them? Did these kids sweeten the deal for them? Did those who received tracts return the favor? Read more….


Movie Set with Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been in Atlanta filming recently. Normally, he doesn’t like to give interviews, but when offered a One Heartbeat Away book, something interesting happened. Read more….


We Care Where You Spend Eternity

Some friends of the ministry like to witness to celebrities. Recently, they had a fascinating encounter with Dave Chappelle, of SNL fame, at Atlanta’s Tabernacle. Read more….


Kathleen in the SLC Airport

Not everyone hears voices, but those who do can easily mistake it for the voice of God and then seek to spread these false communications to others. It’s been done by many people in the past. This story highlights the importance of testing everything by the Word of God. Read more….


Pastor Umar Mulinde

Listen to this moving 9-minute video where Umar Mulinde tells his story about being raised Muslim, leaving his faith, becoming a Christian, and later being doused with acid by Muslims. Read more….

Read & Watch

A Consultant from Northern Ireland

“Life wasn’t always so clear-cut for me, and like any other teenager, I was loaded down with questions and more questions about life. My home was a loving home with Godly parents who not only taught us from the Word of God daily but displayed their Christian faith in their everyday actions. What I’m saying is they walked the talk!…” Read more….


Atheist Security Guard Turns Christian

“There was a time in my life where I literally questioned everything. When I was younger I was a hardcore atheist. I was a huge fan of TJ Kirk and all the other internet atheists. I just couldn’t, in my head, comprehend how anyone could believe something so absurd as an invisible God who created everything. I not only didn’t believe in God, but I tried to disprove that He existed….” Read more….


Christmas Shopping at the Thrift Store

“While we talked to her, we found out that her husband recently lost a leg due to disease, she has had three trachea surgeries and cannot talk more than a whisper, her seven-year-old granddaughter has died, and her daughter needs a heart transplant…. She said she had a lot of anger with God right now. I asked her if we could pray for her. She started crying so hard….” Read more….