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A Friendly Challenge

Feb 13, 2024

As orders were coming through recently, I kept noticing that Dawn was placing tract orders for other folks and writing nice notes to them, like to her mom, etc. She was encouraging them to witness and be bold for the Lord. So I emailed her and asked her why she was doing that, and this was her response:

The What is Your Goal newsletter. It inspired me to ask my mother and daughter if they would be interested in a friendly challenge—to pass out at least one track every day and to smile at at least three people every day and tell two people that Jesus loves them or something like that. I asked my fiancé to do the same, so we will share the tracts from the order that I placed for us today.

That newsletter (https://markcahill.org/what-is-your-goal/) encouraged all of us to try and make a nice, simple, achievable goal when it comes to witnessing. Dawn is doing that with her family, and they are about to have a lot of fun planting seeds for our Lord!

She also let me know that her son, Nicholas, has been saved!!

I certainly will. Thank you, Mark. He’s already very much doing exactly that. It is such a joy to be able to witness, and that I can now have actual conversations with him about this and share information rather than having a one-sided conversation and wondering if any of it is sinking in.

Isn’t that so true? Once the other person is born again, the topic of conversations can change dramatically. The same happened with my mom. When she got saved, we literally discussed the Scriptures, Jesus, etc., so much more and in a much deeper way. Enjoy many of those kinds of conversations with the believers around you.

So, what’s your goal going to be? Are you going to get some tracts and give them to family members so there will be a whole team of you sharing your faith? Is it going to be each person in your Sunday school class who will witness to one person a day? Be creative. Let God work mightily in your life. You will enjoy the final result!

Until the nets are full,

P.S. Books work and tracts work. Look at the nice comment we just received from Christina. She wanted a copy of One Heartbeat Away and explained how she heard of us:

“What If? flyer/card and jail. I started to read One Heartbeat Away but was released before I could finish.”

Keep giving out tracts (https://markcahill.org/product-category/tracts/)and thanks for helping us to get so many books into the prison system!


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