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Who Was First?

Mar 8, 2024

I promise you, I was trying to mind my own business. Trying really hard, actually. But you know how things happen with me…

Recently, I was picking up some food. A couple was in line behind me, and I paid for theirs too. They were very grateful. The lady told me she loved to read novels and mystery books. I let her know that I would get her a book out of my car. They walked out shortly after me, and I gave her a copy of the book Paradise. 

She asked me to sign the book. Here we go! I asked her what her name was and how to spell it. I then asked, “Isn’t that the name of one of Mohammad’s wives?” And, of course, it was. You should know the name Khadija when you hear it. If you know your history, it can lead you into some fascinating encounters.

She let me know Khadija was Mohammad’s first wife. I wasn’t sure if that was accurate; sometimes you get different lists. I said, “Wasn’t Aishah his first wife?” The gentleman with her piped up and agreed with me. I then asked, “How old was Aishah when she married Mohammad?” The man said 40, but I told him that wasn’t true. She was actually six or seven years old when she married Mohammad.

The lady confirmed that was correct. And then she said the reason she said that Khadijah was Mohammad’s first wife was because she didn’t agree with marrying someone who was only six or seven. Even in these interesting times, common sense can still rule the day. Ladies, you know that a man shouldn’t marry a six-year-old girl. This lady clearly didn’t want to recognize Mohammad’s relationship with Aishah as a marriage, even though Islamic scholars do.

She also mentioned that there are all kinds of scandals surrounding Mohammad. And, of course, the sinless Son of God is clean as a whistle.

It was a really good give-and-take. They took the Paradise book and both booklets. Please say a prayer for them to get saved.

Until the nets are full,

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