Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.


Mar 1, 2024

I was handing out some tracts at an event downtown a few months ago. A teenager there took one of the tracts I had with me. It was The Prize tract. He said, “I got a tract like this last week.” I asked him where he got it, and he said, “Athens.“ I asked if it was the same one I had just given him. He said, “No, it was Infinity.’”


I reached into my pocket and pulled out that sameInfinity tract. I wish you could have seen his face. He couldn’t believe I had one with me. I let him know that I had written it, and then we briefly discussed what it was about. I do know he read that Infinity tract. How did I know that? A lot of people think the picture on the front is the number 8, but when they read the message on the back, like he did, it definitely lets them know it is about eternity.

I am glad that some folks were handing out these tracts at a Georgia football game. And because they did, I got to water that seed less than a week later.

While I was talking with the cashier at Moe’s, I gave her a tract and a blessing. I had some Spanish Chick tracts from www.chick.com with me, since a lot of Spanish folks work there. She said, “I love these cartoons. I read them all the time and collect them.” After hearing her answer, I was a little dumbfounded. I had never seen her there before, so I didn’t know where she got them. So I just asked, “Where do you get them?” She pointed over to a lady and said she was her mom, who brings them home all the time. Very interesting! I had no clue Mom brought them home, and I had no clue her teenage daughter was reading all of them.

The good news is that Hispanic teens all know English because they are taught it in school. I not only got to witness to this teenager, but I was able to give her some materials in English, which she didn’t have. As you would probably guess, they are Catholic, as are most Hispanics in the world. Please pray for them to become born again.

1 Corinthians 3:6,7

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

Water works. Keep watering the seeds that others have planted. Tracts work. Keep giving away tracts to many, many folks before they take their last breath.

Until the nets are full,

P.S. As you faithfully give out tracts, you never know who might be reading them or what surprises the Lord might have waiting for you. If we keep planting, then others might come behind us and water. And maybe you’ll be given the chance to water the seeds you have planted as well.

That’s what Mike is hoping for as he faithfully reaches out to the people in his community. Finding creative ways to reach the lost is always a good idea! He wrote in with the following picture and message:

“When going door to door, if I come to a house that has a flag displayed, I always give
the homeowner a Freedom tract along with our church tract, which has Isaiah 57:15
and the word ETERNITY in that verse blown up to grab their attention.
I covered this street a couple of years ago. I go to church in a small town.
The house about five houses beyond this one also
had a flag flying on a flagpole as well as another flag on their porch.”

P.P.S. Spring is right around the corner, and people are coming out of hibernation. People are in parks, teenagers are hanging out, newcomers are visiting churches, families have appointments, etc. Everywhere you go, you bump into strangers, which is an opportunity to give someone a tract and open up a conversation about the gospel.

Our tracts are currently on sale for 25% off the normally suggested donation amount. It’s a great time to stock up and get ready for springtime!


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