Eternity is rushing towards us.
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When Opportunity Knocks

Oct 6, 2021


You’ve heard that opportunity knocks, and sometimes that opportunity comes right up to your front door. Here’s a story that one lady wrote in to tell us about:

We had an unusual thing happen at the house on my mom’s 80th birthday. I had flown in for the occasion, but my mom wasn’t much in the mood to celebrate being 80 years old. The rest of us were having a great time anyway. It was late afternoon when we brought out the cake with candles. We had just finished singing Happy Birthday when we heard the postman at the door. The front door was open, so we invited him in. He was all smiles when we gave him a piece of cake to take with him. I also gave him a One Heartbeat Away book.


The next day, I was sitting in the front living room with my mom watching a movie when he delivered the mail again. I hurried outside to strike up a conversation with him. I asked if he had a chance to look over the book. He said, “Not really, but I did thumb through a few pages.” So I said, “Well, let me tell you what to expect when you read it,” and I gave him a one-minute overview of the book.

I worried I might not see him again, so I decided to ease into giving him the gospel. And, of course, as I did that, my mom kept calling for me to come back inside because the best scene of the movie was about to come on. I kept answering, “I’ll be right there!!!”

I went through the “good person test” with him, along with a courtroom example and the need for a perfect blood sacrifice to remove sin. As I did, he seemed to be locked on and soaking it all in, at least, that’s what I thought. Finally, I said, “It looks like I need to head back inside. Do you have any questions before I go?” He said, “No, but I can tell you that you explained that very well.” That wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. I replied, “Really? Why would you say that? Have you heard the gospel before?” He smiled and said, “I’m a pastor.” When he said that, I about died.


I was so excited that a few days later, I loaded him up with tracts from your ministry to give out. I guess I was thinking he could give them out on his route or something. It turned out that he’s very involved in church planting and training pastors for evangelism throughout the mountainous regions of Central America and the Caribbean. So we gave him flash drives of your Spanish books to give out to those pastors!

God is so good, and so are your materials! Thanks for teaching me to push on those doors of opportunity and to be bold!


Galatians 6:10

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

How many believers have tried to witness to you? Stay so busy giving out tracts and the gospel that from time to time, you might end up reaching out to someone who’s already in the family of God.

It’s always a good strategy to keep your life open to whatever God wants to put into it. Keep dropping those seeds of truth wherever you go and with whoever is right in front of you. You never know when God might drop a blessing into your life when you least expect it!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  We just heard from another lady who is giving out tracts:

Several years ago, I was ordering food from Nutrisystem to lose weight. One of the packages of prepared foods arrived with your What If card in it, and I saved it. I’ve been a Christian for more than 50 years and am convinced we need to make a difference today, and every “today,” the good Lord gives us. I’m going to start handing out these cards whenever the good Lord gives me the opportunity. May God bless your work, and mine. We are at war and must not shy away, but, rather, lean into the fray. 


P.P.S. All of our tracts are now being offered at 25% off the suggested donation. There are many people in your neighborhoods, at gas stations, on street corners, in coffee shops, and on campuses who want truth! And tracts are a great opener to begin talking to them.




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