Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

The Watchmen (November 2020)

Nov 19, 2020


Some may not realize that we carry double duty as watchmen: We warn the lost and encourage the saved to reach the lost. That’s exactly what one man’s pastor did for him. I received this letter in the mail from Edward the other day and thought you might like to read it:

My pastor recently gave me a copy of your book The Watchmen. It thrilled and challenged me from the first to the last page! Chapters 8-10 really challenged and convicted me for the importance of telling others concerning their eternal destiny and the brevity of time remaining! Chapter 9 was kind of eerie, giving me goosebumps from the illustrations of the soul crying out from hell.

In this time of fear, restlessness, and uncertainty, the Lord has finally impressed upon me the necessity of being a ready witness to all and in all situations! Not that I have been sitting dormant, but there has been an increasing awareness and urge to do more. Your book is the icing on the cake! Just wanted to tell you.

Edward signed his letter “A Watchman.”

That is what we are; we are watchmen for the Lord. Time to pick up our trumpets and blow them loud and clear. If we don’t do it now, then who will?

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. Thanks to all of you, and to Edward’s pastor, who have given out The Watchmen, and so many of our other books, to people throughout the years. You never know what one book you give to someone can do in their life. Edward is a great testimony to what can happen when we encourage and challenge other believers in the area of soul winning.

     To help you keep alert as watchmen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, we have lowered our suggested donation for books and cases of The Watchmen. The special on cases of books works out to $5 per book, which means you can give away as many of these books as you want to as many believers as you can.




P.P.S. The study mentioned in the tweet below is making the rounds and getting people’s attention. It’s about a Danish study that shows how wearing masks doesn’t protect from COVID and may even increase the likelihood of becoming infected.

     We are being lied to. Big time.



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