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Project Truth

Nov 17, 2019


People ask me which ministries I support. There are a few of them. The main ones I support are either soul-winning ministries or ministries that put food in someone’s belly and the gospel in their heart.

One ministry I love is Project Truth, which is led by Don Blythe. It is a true, frontline soul-winning ministry. Don is big on pro-life issues. He takes the truth right to abortion clinics and college campuses. But he doesn’t stop there. He knows that someone might become pro-life, yet still die and go to Hell if they don’t have Jesus Christ. So Don gives them the gospel. He gives them eternal truth. He has given away tons of One Heartbeat Away books to seeking souls. He is a true hero of the faith.

Praying-with-HB     Project-Truth-pic-at-beach-379x     couple-with-HB.repaired-275x

Project Truth’s outreaches give them the opportunity to correct some of the misguided thinking these students are learning:

“The brain stem does not even connect to the brain until 27 weeks.”

“The brain doesn’t even start working until the 12th week.”

“The doctor slaps the baby at birth to get the blood to begin flowing into the brain.”

“I am a biology major. The heart does not start beating until the 16th week.”

“Why are you people even here? We are educated students, and you are uneducated.”

“In ten years, your generation will die off and be gone. Then we will be free from your old ideas and be able to do what we want.”


Don knows these students are repeating what they are hearing:

“These foolish statements of students give us an opportunity to direct them to truth and show them the trouble with being in a government-controlled echo chamber—merely repeating what they hear—although I can’t believe some of these thoughts come from the classroom.”

Don-talking-to-students     Talking-to-Students

Here are some other statements made by students who were thankful for their outreach:

“Thank you for coming to our liberal campus. We don’t see any opposing views here, and it’s refreshing to hear the other side.” 

“You guys are the bravest people to come here. Can’t believe they let you on this campus.” 

“I saw the photos and walked away asking myself how I could be pro-choice after seeing what abortion looks like. I wanted to come back and tell you that I read your brochure and have changed my mind. I am now pro-life.”




They are also met by some hostile protesters who, from time to time, listen in on their conversations with other students and hear how abortion has devastated the lives of those who choose to abort:

“My twin sister had an abortion four years ago after pressure from our whole family to abort. I am ashamed that I also encouraged her to abort. Now, I deeply regret it because my sister is not the same sister. I can tell she has changed, and not in a good way.” 

“Thank you for coming on our campus. I have several friends who have had abortions, and all of them are broken and wrecked because of their abortions. If they had seen these photos, they wouldn’t have killed their babies.”


All of these outreaches give Don and his crew a chance to witness and share the gospel, while at the same time help to save the lives of the unborn. You might want to check out some of what Don does on his website and social media pages. His ministry is one worth supporting, since he is on the front lines calling the lost to choose life.










Enjoy some of what Don does, and be thankful that men and teams like this are out there shining the bright light of the Lord in some very dark places.

Psalm 60:4

Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.

Pray for Don, his team, and the people they have witnessed to. They are gathering a harvest from among some tough crowds at times. Consider subscribing to his newsletters so you can continue to pray for them as well (http://atthewellministries.org/support).

Also, begin to think about and plan how you and your friends, team, or church will be doing ministry just like this in your area. If you live on the West Coast, get a hold of Don and his ministry and join them for a great time of going into the enemy’s territory and watching the mighty hand of Almighty God hold you and the truth up in a mighty way!

Until the Nets are Full,


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