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The Bible: God’s Word

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DVD with two messages!
(120 min.)

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DVD with two great messages!

The Bible: God’s Word – Hear some fascinating quotes from the world regarding the Bible that will sharpen your biblical discernment! Then when while you’re out witnessing and people say things that aren’t biblical, you will not only recognize these, but will have Scriptural answers for their questions and objections. We must always have our guard up during our conversations so we can spot any false teachings and respond to them biblically.

Hey Stranger – The second lecture on this DVD is called “Hey Stranger…” Did you know that 87% of all the witnessing encounters in the New Testament took place between complete and total strangers? Yes, that is correct. One stranger walking up to another stranger and striking up a conversation. Why do you think that is? The reason is that we can’t make friends with everybody, but we need to preach the gospel to all creatures. Listen to this message and be encouraged to do the same!

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