Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

DVD Reviews


“Your literature has brought to my attention new scriptures for witnessing. Yes, I know that these scriptures have always been there, and I have read them many times, but just here recently, they have been revealed to me as witnessing scriptures. They are new tools in the tool box, my friend.”

— Danny G.

“My employee asked me the other day where I learned how to witness and have conversation like I do because she believes from Scripture that she is supposed to be witnessing. I gave her the Pride Goes Before Destruction DVD and told her that you mentored me through that video over a 3-year period when I watched at least one conversation on the DVD every single morning before my day started. She was so thankful.”

— Jon L.

“I am so thankful for how God has used you to impact both lost souls and saved believers like me for Christ throughout the years. I also love to listen to your sermons before going witnessing because they encourage me not only to be bold, but also to do more for Christ and lead people to our Lord. Thank you!”

— James N.

“I’ve been excited about evangelism for many years and even though my husband always supported me, he didn’t choose to do it himself. He’s been watching your DVDs with me and really likes you. I’m so excited to see him excited. He wants to listen repeatedly to your DVDs, even though he’s heard them before. He has witnessed in his own way lots of times, but this is stirring his motivation. Thank you for all you do.”

— Leann K.


“After we watched Do Your Job, the light bulb came on and we felt a huge weight lifted from our shoulders. We felt relieved that we don’t have to press people to commit to Him within a 10-minute conversation. We now understand that the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting of convicting. We just need to be faithful to open our mouths and speak truth boldly every single day. You were right when you said, ‘Don’t love Jesus so much, that you don’t tell people about Him.’ Simply awesome!!! Thank you!”

— Robyn B.

“Last night I watched the DVD, Do Your Job. I took notes and wrote down a lot of Scriptures. I want to witness more and more. Your videos have helped me to be even more on fire for the Lord. It makes sense that after we die or are raptured, we can never ever tell another single soul about Jesus for ALL eternity. Time is short. I am going to keep witnessing . . . a LOT!!!! Thank you so much!”

— Corrine K.

“I just watched your video called Lukewarm No More at my brother’s house with my teens. We were lukewarm, but my brother prayed with us and gave a copy to each of my boys. I was shocked that they actually enjoyed the sermon. They said you explained things in a way that they could understand. Honestly, for me, it did open-heart surgery on me!”

— Leo K.