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Reaching the Lost Now!

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DVD with Parts 1 & 2
(120 min.)

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DVD with Parts 1 & 2

When I travel and speak around the country, many times I speak during the Sunday morning worship services and again in the afternoon or evening for a two-hour Training Seminar on the topic of witnessing. We have received so much feedback about how this seminar has motivated people to start sharing their faith within the next 24 hours. We finally have a good video copy of the Seminar; and now, it is available for you.

This DVD will show you how to have that “want to” and “how to” so you can boldly share your faith in Jesus Christ with everyone you meet. We cover the things that commonly hold people back from getting started, as well as give you other ideas for keeping your witnessing skills sharp.

There are lots of good Scriptures verses in this talk to equip you, and lots of neat stories that show how God often puts the right people in our paths, and then we just need to do something about it! And that something is starting a simple conversation that can be quickly turned toward spiritual matters.

This would be a great gift for your friends to encourage them to stand up boldly with you to proclaim the good news to a lost and dying world. And it is a great evangelism tool to show at your churches, youth groups, men’s and women’s groups, and home school groups, as well.

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