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One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven – Reviews

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First time I read One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, it was mind-blowing and insightful! I love how witnessing is a win-win situation as described, whether they believe it or not – ‘cash regiester transactions sound.'”

— Chai

Without question, this is the BEST testimony I’ve ever read regarding your ministry (https://markcahill.org/800000-and-counting/), even though there are many more! And YES, the book title ALONE is BRILLIANT as it capitalizes on the natural interest in Heaven, yet puts a unique twist on the topic, which makes it an IMMEDIATE ATTENTION GRABBER. It clearly spells out the ABSOLUTE URGENCY of EVANGELISM. God gave you that title for sure!!!”

— John P.

Besides the Bible, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven has influenced me the most in that it has made me more intentional about sharing the gospel, even if it is just planting seeds. It has also served as a constant reminder of what is important, according to the God of the Bible. It is a book that can bless every believer.”

— Linda S.

“We have used One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven in our School of Ministry over the past year as the main textbook for our evangelism class. It is solid and spurs on students to create testimonies and stories of their own, as they hit the streets to share the hope within them with the world around them. We had previously used other evangelism materials, but your book matches what we are doing here in the Shenandoah Valley.”

— Wes A.,
Director, Horizon School of Ministry

“I am taking a group of sophomores in high school through your book and their faith has exploded.”

— Jeremy M.

“I got your audio book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven recently and have listened to it. I wanted to thank you for what you are doing and for writing this book. I am a Christian and have had a growing conviction that I am not sharing the gospel like I should, and your book has been an inspiration and a challenge to me. Since listening to this audio book, I see people differently than I did before. However, I am afraid I must grow in the area of overcoming the fear of man. I know I should step out and witness to people, but it’s just plain scary. But with God’s help, I will start practicing. Thanks again and please continue your work!”

— Lavon W.

“I’ve been reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heavenand it’s been convicting and encouraging me like no other book I’ve ever read!”

— Noah W.

“Mark, your books are wonderful and great for anyone, especially Christians, to read. I have also given a couple of my pastors copies of  One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven I thought it would be a wonderful way for them in helping others to become disciples.”

— Willard M.

“I finished One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, and, of course, I loved it just as much as I did One Heartbeat AwayI am so blessed to have read both of your amazing books. I must admit that I have been guilty of separating myself from the lost not and only talking about the beautiful gift of salvation to people who had already heard of it, leaving out the people who needed to hear of it the most. Your books have challenged me. Today I spoke to two people about Jesus, and even if they didn’t accept Him, it’s still a win. Thank you, Mark. God bless you always!❤”

— Narin J.

“Thank you so much for writing One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. It has helped ignite a fire in my heart for intentionally reaching out to the lost. My daughter and I are starting a witnessing/evangelization ministry at our church called “Engage the World.” We are using your book to help train people. The majority of people who have signed up to be part of the ministry have never been out witnessing before! We are excited to see how God will use us! May God continue to bless you!”

— Sarah H.

“I enjoyed One Heartbeat Away so much that I will listen and read it again. The other audiobook (One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven) helped me to spread the gospel with more confidence. What you are teaching through the books has propelled me in a very positive and responsive way. You gave me a lot to think about. I’ve already made some adjustments in reaching the lost, and I will continue to do so. “

— Martin K.

“I just received One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I haven’t been able to put the book down. My family and I are getting ready to do a 2,600 mile road trip, so I am excited to get the audio book to listen to while we drive. I am already excited about the opportunities that will come about to witness while we are traveling. Your book has been such a blessing!”

— Truman H.

Hello Mark,

I am a 27-year-old Christian male from Germany, and I just finished the book: One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.” I chose to buy this book, and some others, as part of breaking out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to finally read what has been suggested to me so many times. Being raised in a Christian home and in an Evangelical Brethren church, I have often heard the name of this book and also many others. However, I never liked reading much. I was reading my Bible as this was my number one priority. When I started to read the book, I could barely stop reading it. The first day, I was already more than halfway through, and the only time I stopped was late in the evening to go get some food. It took me three days to finish it, and I really feel ignited to be more bold more straight forward when it comes to speaking about my faith to others. I want to thank you for this book and for the work you do for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

— Markus Zimmerman

“Since read ONE THING YOU CANT DO IN HEAVEN almost 20 years ago. I have not stopped sharing God’s Word Thank you, Mark Cahill, for the tool you provide me with and encouragement to be able to share the Gospel. Blessings to you!”

— Paul A.

“Thanks much for not quitting while writing your fist two books. I still believe that One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is THE most important one! And thank you for making them available to Russian speaking people.”

— Kostya

“Your literature has brought to my attention new scriptures for witnessing. Yes, I know that these scriptures have always been there, and I have read them many times, but just here recently, they have been revealed to me as witnessing scriptures. They are new tools in the tool box, my friend.”

— Danny G.

“Your books One Heartbeat Away and One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, I have read several times. They have the effect of drawing me closer to God and recommitting to serve Him more faithfully each day. Congrats on reaching the milestone of 1 MILLION copies. Keep on fishin’, Brother!!”

— Dave S.

“Garden Community Church has 55 adults studying One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven in Sunday School through May. A new realization for some here. Thank you for your ministry!”

— Darren M.

“We studied this book in our youth group years ago. It really challenged me as a leader and the teens to witness to others to get people thinking about eternity and Jesus.”

— Curt S.

“I need this book for a men’s Bible study. Love it. It’s my favorite evangelism book ever.”

— Michael C.

“I just recently came across your book titled One Thing You Can’t Do in HeavenThis book has truly confronted my ignorance. It came exactly at the point where I was asking God to use me. I have always been bold to testify in church, but never to the street. You have challenged me, and I realise that this is what God want us to do.”

— Tsoseletso R.
South Africa

“I just wanted to thank you for One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I was so inspired by your stories, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear as I have set out on a course of evangelism as my primary goal in life. I pray to be as wise and as bold as you, and your book has shed some positive light on several of the hangups that I imagine have held me and others back. It was also fun reading it to my wife and seeing her get excited at some of the nuggets of information. I hope to see you on the streets one day, as I would love to learn more from you. I look forward to reading One Heartbeat Away as well. God Bless.”

— Will B.
Melbourne Beach. FL

“I am reading for the third time your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. My village pastor came to my home and saw this book, and he was interested. I am planning to get him one. I believe these books will enrich him as he preaching in his local churches. Mark, is it possible to get tracts and books to help me distribute to friends and neighbors? Many thanks, and God richly bless you as you carry-on this beautiful assignment you are doing. Great is your reward.”

— Isaac P.

“My sister passed away 5 weeks ago. In her most uncomfortable moments, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. My two teenaged granddaughters listened to their aunt’s profession of faith with tears running down their cheeks. We miss her, but the sting is a little easier to bear knowing that she is in Heaven. Without studying your books (One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and One Heartbeat Away), this wouldn’t have been a happy ending! Thank you a million times over.”

— Penny L.


“A lady in my Bible study recommended your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. This book may have saved my life from Hell. I took lots of notes, and then, when I saw it on MP3, I had to have it. I can’t wait to read One Heartbeat Away I have ordered your track package and finally know what I am to do. Thank you for the teachings. You have saved me from myself.”

— Tamara B.

“Twelve years ago, I read both of your books One Heartbeat Away and One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. Since then, I have gone to Bible college and witnessed to hundreds of people and seen many saved. I was saved before I read your books, but my heart was change in a radical way to witness and be the servant God calls us to be. Thank you for allowing God to control your life. Time is short, and now is the time to serve and dedicate our lives to Him.”

— Dillon P.

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven literally gave me answers for all of my questions for ministry. I just finished my theological training. I had many things to learn, and this book helped me to overcome my questions, which I was having a problem with. God used you in a mighty way. Thank you!”

— Shalem J.

“We are sending you this message from Neuquen, Argentina. At our church’s youth group, we are reading, sharing, and encouraging one another to evangelize more, thanks to your book One Thing You Can’t Do in HeavenEvery word of it moves us to share our faith, and we are living this with every member of our youth group. We thank you, once again, for the book and greet you with our Fatherly love. God bless you!”

— Pablo S.

“I have read One Heartbeat Away and One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I not only learned a lot, but I’m pumped up about witnessing to people everyday. Love to ask people many of the questions mentioned in your books. I also am sharing your books with my LIFE group at church.”

— Richard Q.

“I don’t know if I ever told ya’, but when I first rec’d One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, I read it seven times in a row before reading any other book. It’s a masterpiece!”

— Chaplain Buddy B.


“Just wanted you to know that I am on the road a lot. Every day, I listen to your audiobooks over and over. I am so fired up about sharing the information you have taught me and the proper way to present this information. I now have no interest in listening to music; I’m just interested in making an eternal difference. I feel like I am a part of your army, battling to save the lost.”

—Mark M.

“I just finished reading your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. Oh, my goodness. I was so inspired. Thank you for reaching so many lost souls. I wish every Christian on the planet could read this book. May God Bless you.”

 —Kim B.

“I am a full-time chaplain down in Florida, and you have sent us a bucket load of your books couple of times now. The inmates love them! I am hoping to get more, if that’s possible. We give them free to inmates here, and they almost always ask for more after they’ve read one of them.”

— Chaplain Buddy B.

“Your books are so easy to read and make it so obvious that we really have no excuses for not telling others about Jesus. Love that they are packed full of examples and ideas! Thanks Mark!”

 —Vera S.
Pastoral Care, Evangelism, Discipleship, and Prayer


“Thank you very much for the audiobook you included in the package with my order. I listened to The One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven today and am so motivated to take some tracks and stuff them in beer/soda cases at Kinney the next time I am there. Your suggestions for opening conversations with the lost are excellent! It’s pure joy to partner with you in this journey to win souls for Jesus.”

Cindy P.


“Thank you, Mark! Your MP3, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, rocked my world. It is just what I needed. Thank you for teaching us what to say and how to share the gospel. I will use my life to make an eternal difference and will see you in Heaven one day.”

Mark M.

“Your book changed my life. What a wonderful ‘spur’ I needed. I am now a tract passer-outer!! I now talk about how wonderful Jesus is during every outing, though there are fewer outings now than a few years ago!! But, I am working for our Lord. Many times, I find a fellow believer, and it turns into a lift for both of us!! One time, at the auto emissions place, I had a very open conversation that included a promise to follow up with more information, which I did, and was thanked for remembering. Wow!!  What a blessing for me and hopefully a great eternity for him!!! Thank you so much. You are a blessing.”


“I spent the day witnessing at a local state park. Someone complained, and the wardens said we could not pass out tracks because we were soliciting. Rather than be stopped, we continued to go on without tracks and had conversations with many people about Jesus. Seeds were planted. My son got a hold of Park Head and requested a copy of the so-called statutes, which m7 son sent to his attorney friend to see what our rights are. No matter what, people need Jesus now more than ever. And we will continue to share the gospel. Thank you for your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. After reading it a few years ago, we started witnessing and haven’t stopped.”


“Looking for tips on witnessing? Great suggestions and true stories in One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill that are truly inspiring!”


“Excellent book. Best I have read on the subject of soul winning.”


“Bought One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven to give as witnessing tool. Very encouraging, great advice, and practical ideas for witnessing.”


“Great book. One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven challenges you too go that extra mile for the Lord.”


“One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is great for any age and certainly in today’s times.”


“Brilliant book. One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is one of the best books I have come across to show people how to get to Heaven. This book is so true. I was at beach with friends. After I got home, it was like I could feel God telling me to me to go back again, this time to preach the gospel give out tracts.”

—Irish Guy

“Witness now! Time is short!!! One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is a great book to convict us about the importance of soul-winning along with a lot of practical and encouraging tips for how to do it.”

—Grandpa B.

“THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE!!!  I would encourage every believer to buy One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven for themselves and then buy multiple copies to pass out to their family in Christ. We need to WAKE UP and GET BUSY, and this book takes all the fear out of sharing your faith. It has been instrumental in making me become more courageous and bold with the people I meet every day as I am out and about. This is truly a book written by a man to PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Let the Lord God be magnified!!!”

—Kathy T.

“Open your mouth. I hand out tracts, but I have wanted to go beyond just doing that. This book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, has helped me to open my mouth for Christ more boldly.”

—Mark W.

“I tell everyone about this book! When you hear the statement, “Lead by example, Mark Cahill does exactly that. I haven’t met many people who care about the lost like he does. Too many Christians are scared to approach the lost, but weren’t YOU glad to be saved?  After reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, I had a renewed sense of urgency for reaching souls. I could hardly put it down. I told everyone I met about this book and bought extra copies to give to my pastor and other friends. While reading, even before finishing it, I started putting what I learned into practice. This is a must-read for Christians, especially for those who want to win the lost but don’t know how to so or are afraid to talk to people. It helped me realize how special each and every person is in God’s eyes.”

—Little F.

“An example you’ll want to follow. Mark Cahill inspires me in evangelism more than any other Christian I know. I walked away from this book thinking, “I don’t know any Christian that loves the lost and goes out of his way for them as much as he does.” And then I thought, “Wow, this shouldn’t be. This book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, I believe, brings us back to what biblical Christianity is supposed to look like. I’m so thankful for this book. It was life changing!”

—Marsi D.

“Magnificent!! Wow – One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is terrific. Not only have I reread it several times, but I purchase it in bundles so I could hand them out to other Christians. I highly recommend it. It should be mandatory reading in every church, starting with the pastors.”


“Awesome book! Great reading, great points. It’s a need-to-own book for evangelism!”

—Dave S.

“I find One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven an invaluable for the unbeliever. I just finished Paradise, another must read for the unbeliever and for those who need to be reminded of our command to share the gospel. Mark has a unique way of presenting the way to Heaven and our responsibility to spread the gospel.”

—Scot S.

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is a yearly book to read or listen to!”

—Tim M.

“I have been evangelizing and talking with people for years but am back with a new fervor!! It is wonderful for me to always return to this book (One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven). It’s like and old friend. I LOVE giving this book to others!!!

—Seth P.

“That book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, is tremendous and speaks to the heart. It is encouraging, thought provoking, and every believer should read it at least once!”


“I have been so encouraged by your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, and I am on fire to share Jesus with my neighbors! The lost need to hear the one truth of the gospel, and if not now, then when? Thank you for your boldness and leading the charge! Joining you in this revival; planting seeds one person at a time!”

—Laura V.

“I picked up One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and read it from start to finish. I was nervous about sharing the Word of God with people, just for the sheer fact of rejection. After reading the book, I learned several things I plan to put to work in my daily life. This book has given me so much insight and so many tools to better equip me to be a witness for Jesus. Thank you for this amazing book.”

—Cody M.

“I just finished reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, and it was so convicting!! I have loved Jesus since I was old enough to remember, but I don’t share my faith when I’m with strangers. I have wasted so many years! I was always hoping they would see my joy, but why didn’t I talk to them about why I had joy?! I can’t wait anymore to tell everyone!”

—Bethany H.

“I am recently born -again. This book, along with reading the Bible, has helped me stay focused on Jesus and my newfound relationship with Him. This book is amazing and has gotten me pumped up to share the gospel with people. I don’t think I will be able to recommend it enough.”

—Matthew S.

“Sir, I read the book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, cover to cover. It’s amazing how easy evangelism actually is! This book is an ocean of truth and deep knowledge. It blew my mind away! So many ideas on soul winning, so many strategies! It breathed so much life into my Spirit. There’s really no excuse not to witness at all!”

—Askia Q.

“One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven was a game-changer for a friend of mine who recently passed. It got him “on fire” to witness for the Lord. He witnessed and gave out tracts every morning.”

—Corinne K.

“Definitely my favorite soul-winning book! One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven fired me up to win souls. I went out and led 2 people to Christ!”

—Micaiah Y.

“No doubt about it, this book [One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven] has been a game changer.”

—Peni C.

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven on eBook was so encouraging, it got me giving out tracts with a reignited passion after reading only two chapters! It’s my prayer to save souls and to become bolder in my walk and witnessing for Jesus. Thanks for being such a great ambassador and encouragement for our Lord and Savior.”

—George F.

“One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is the most in-depth, sense-making book that can make even the biggest atheist person a believer in Christ!!!

—James P

“I just want to let you know that God has been blessing me with your book: One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. This is the second time I am reading it. It has help me gain so much confidence to preach my Jesus and teach others to do so in the heart of Africa.”

—Matthew B.

“A friend gave me a copy of One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven for Christmas several years ago. What a blessing! If this book doesn’t light the Holy Spirit on fire in you, then I don’t know what will. Thank you, Mark, for the call to action and to share the gospel with a sense of urgency. We we don’t know the day or the hour.”

—Don S.

“Just finished reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and I’m currently reading One Heartbeat Away. Love your books. They really put me my faith in Christ on my feet!”

—Kelly H.

“I love these books!! They are chock full of ways to talk to the lost. I highly recommend them!! These books are easy reads, great stories, and challenge you to step out in faith to tell other about Christ. They have truly inspired me to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

—Yvette C.

“I have said for years that if I could have only three books outside of the Bible, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven would be one of them.”

—Brother Roe D.

“I just finished your One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. It’s the best soul-winning book I’ve ever read! Thank you for writing it. Thank you for teaching me how to win souls. I want to do this every day. I couldn’t put this book down!”

—Bill L.

“Your book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, is like a bolt of lightning, a jolt of electricity to awaken and energize me to go out witnessing again!”

—Mike B.

“I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Ghana, West Africa! I am a the founder of Christ to the Nations Outreach Ministry. I would like to thank you very much for the impact your are making in the Kingdom business. I read your books One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey Into Eternity. These have really built my faith and have equipped me in my area of calling to evangelize the world for Christ. I was really blessed by the argument you shared in your book about the existence of God and evolution. I thank you so much for writing these books. I can’t tell how much it has transformed my life. God bless your ministry and your labor in the Lord.”

—Sylvester S.

“Your book, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven, is the second best book I have ever read, behind the Holy Bible, of course! Thank you and God bless!”


“I was recently incarcerated in Harrisburg, PA….I had the opportunity to be blessed by reading many of your books….you are gifted in a way with your writing skills because once I opened any of your books, I couldn’t put them down, and it’s not easy to keep my attention….I want you to know that One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven was the first book of yours that I read, and it has greatly inspired me to spread the Word.  I hope to meet you someday….I have family in Georgia, and I think, if I recall correctly, that is where you are from…..keep up the great work you are doing, and just know that you have reached 1 more person’s soul. GOD BLESS!


“Ever since I read One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, I have been sharing my faith boldly and having at least 3 gospel conversations a day. Praise the Lord!”

—Mathew T.

“I am a 66-year-old YWAM Chico Crossroads student. I received your book at a recent gathering. I confess, I am not a reader, and I couldn’t put your book down. Thank you for making the vitally important task of evangelizing simpler through your acquired experience. “

—Wynne D.

“I was able to travel to India and asked the church to be praying that I would have the opportunity to witness. I am thankful for One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven because the personal illustrations you give teach about conversation and approach helped opened the door to sharing the gospel. Thanks for your writing ministry. It helped me immensely, and more importantly than that, I believe your writing will be used of the Lord to further His work on this earth.”

—Dan A.

“Your books are powerful. They stir my passion for the lost. You are indeed touching lives for Christ. I am writing from Ghana.”

—Joseph B.

“Here`s a funny story for you: I was at the penitentiary, maybe around 2004 or so, and was sent a copy of a book. At the time, I was up to my ears in reading, devouring all I could find. I was at a stage where I was learning and trying to figure out what was good Christian material and what was “fluff”. So I get the copy of this book from some dear friends, and I’m so bogged down with other reading material that I started lending it out to the men (I ran a Christian library out of my cell). A few weeks later I got another copy of the same book, and I lent that one out. It happened again and again, until finally, after like the 6th copy (which was a bit unusual for them to send me that many copies of the same book), I said, “Okay, Lord, maybe you`re trying to show me something here.” So I began reading it, and finished it (the first time) in a few days. It was called, One Thing You Can`t Do In Heaven!!!!! Since then I have read it numerous times, brushing up on my techniques and refreshing my zeal for witnessing. In fact, I taught an evangelism class many years ago out of my cell using your book while I was in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Amen. God is good, my Brother.”

—Russell N.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and am in Chapter 5. I have been so moved by this that I literally cannot stop thinking about lost souls. I have wanted – for so long – to have the courage to consistently share my faith in a bold and loving way, and this book has now given me the tools to do so. It has addressed my concerns of failure, of not having all the answers, of not being a good enough example, etc. Thank you! I’m just so excited and can’t wait to share these books, tracts, and DVDs with both my believing and non believing friends. Praise God for your ministry!”

—Jean G.

“My friend and I went witnessing with my coworker who has been on fire for the Lord ever since he read your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. Now, almost every single day, he goes to the mall and witnesses and gives out tracts and Bibles. He said your book was a ‘game changer.’ “

—Corinne K.

“I’ve read mine [One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven] so much that when I gave it to a friend to read, it fell apart. She bought me a new one. I’ve given this book to many people, and it has sure been a blessing in my life.”

—Trish K.

“I have this book [One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven] on audio, and I listen to it everyday on my way to work (hour drive each way), and when I’m done, I switch to One Heartbeat Away. My two favorite books besides the Bible.”

—Kelsey L.

“Sir, if you just know that your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven…I got that in a funeral service from a pastor in his library…the title makes me interested in reading it to the point I never had the permission to borrow it. Knew it’s not right, but this book revived me in my soul winning for Christ. I have read it for 2x now, and keep on reading it because it gives me more motivation in reaching for Him. Maybe I will return this book in due time 🙂

Right now, I’m using it for teaching in Personal Evangelism in our Bible Institute. It’s a great module. Now you send me a book – at least not stolen – hehe.

—Bro Ronne

“Thank you for you and your honesty. I found your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven in the prison where I try to help brothers and sisters recover from addiction through God. At first I was reading this book as if you were crazy; I finished the book as if I was crazy for not having known this already. I just witnessed for the first time, and it was terrible. But the person is coming to church with me tomorrow because he wants to dig deeper. God bless you brother! Most important book I’ve ever read. Can’t wait to get another.”

—Daniel B.

I’m so grateful for this book. If I hadn’t read it 4 years ago in prison I wouldn’t be saved today.”

—Nima J.

“Just wanted to tell you I gave one of my coworkers, who is a Christian, your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.  Yesterday, he told me your book changed his life! Every morning he now goes to the mall and witnesses to many people and gives out tracts. He said he wants to practice his guitar less so he can witness to even more people. He said witnessing has become top priority in his life, and it is because of your book!”


“When some friends and I got your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven, my witnessing life changed overnight!!! It went from 5% to 75% just like that! And that is only because I can’t read well. Reading is hard work for me. It does not come natural. I made it partway through your book and hit the streets Mark-Cahill---MP3---ONE-THING-TESTwitnessing. Your book, and prayer, is the number one thing that took me from a lock jaw, fearful witness to a bold, fearless witness!

Thank you so much for making audio books!!!! In two days, I have listened to all of One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven and most of One Heart Beat Away!!! I love it!!!! The content and the way you read!!!! So faith building!! The audio books alone, for me, have taken my passion for fulfilling Mark 16:15 from 75% to 99%.

I am a carpenter by trade, but when I have half a chance, I go find people to share the good news with!”

—Daniel M.

“Hello Mark, Sunday evening we had our church service outside and the pastor chose to change up the format of the service. He asked questions, and being a very small congregation, a lot of us shared in the fellowship. One of the questions was something along the lines of “who in your life has influenced you spiritually and how?” My nephew, Josh, spoke of his grandmother and a book he received from her. It was your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. I recognized it right away and whispered your name. Your book and the Holy Spirit have had an impact on Josh in a bold and fearless way. He spends his Saturday mornings at a local Farmers’ Market witnessing to people. Shoot, he’ll talk to anyone. He lived on Nantucket Island for a few years, and he’d ask questions on the street: What happens after you die? He’s been doing this for years, and I love to listen to his stories; but it wasn’t until Sunday that I realized his fire was lit because of your book. God Bless!!!”

—Heather M.

“A few weeks ago, I found your book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven when shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater. Man, am I glad I did!!! I write this with tears in my eyes. I feel so lucky to have found this book. I honestly did not even know what the word evangelism meant, nor knew what witnessing was. I just saw on the front cover “Filled with fascinating accounts, practical tips…,” and the title grabbed my eye! This book answers so many questions I’ve had and has new information that I will be sure to share with family and friends, AND even strangers!”

—Lauren G.

“After reading this book, I was renewed with an urgency for reaching souls and could hardly put it down.”

—Little Fisher of Men

“Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and to the Great Commission, Mark. You are a role model that many, many more of us who are Christians need to follow, regarding your faithfulness, your burden for souls, and your kind and friendly heart. Your book, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven is my all-time favorite book. My second-favorite book is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Of course, the Bible is above and beyond my list of “favorite books,” since it alone is God’s Word, and no book can compare to it.”

—Jeff J.

“I read One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven and it absolutely affected my life in an amazing way. I use the tools that are in there when counseling inmates.”

—Chaplin Don V.

“I have been planning to lead a small group on the subject of evangelism, since that’s a passion of mine, but I was having a hard time finding just the right the materials to use. I liked parts of many of other authors’ books and DVDs on evangelism, but I felt that none of them had just the right blend of technique and passion for me to use to teach. I ran across your book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven in a second hand store (ironically named “Savers”) when looking for Bibles and other Christian books to give away to people who I witness to. I read it, purchased your other books, and am half way through reading them, too. I found that your materials and methods of witnessing are exactly what I was looking for, since it’s uncanny how close my heart and evangelism methods are to yours. This, of course, makes it easier for me to use your DVDs, power points, and books lead to other people to sharing their faith. I am planning to use your materials for my next small group to build more watchmen (and women) up for the Kingdom. I, again, would like to thank you for all that you do and make sure that you know how much of an impact you make in people’s lives – until the nets are full!”

—Ginny S.

“Because of your book, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven, our lives will never be the same again. You are touching people, like our family, in monumental and life changing ways.

Your style is exactly what we all need today! We have to remember that we stand for Jesus Christ or else we will fall for anything. The workings of the devil conjure pure evil where soft, complacent people seek refuge in their own indignation.

Bibles-image-for-websitePlease keep on keeping on in a big way. Your words have changed our lives and we give all the glory to the Creator of the Universe. We recently bought out a retail store of every Bible they had, big and small, and we ordered 1600 tracts and 60 booklets from your ministry. We hand wrote a personal message in every Bible because each of them already has an owner somewhere out there in the world.

Your teaching with all your boldness and courage, along with the Holy Spirit, are the very reasons we are moving mountains to reach the lost! We are infants in our new journey but we will mature as we practice, practice, practice. We will march beside you, put off all fear, and plant as many Holy seeds as we are able to plant. We will continue to pray for you and support your ministry as you stand tall for our Mighty, Mighty God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

“Thank you again! You really are a blessing to so many, and the bible should have been enough, I know, but truly my entire lifestyle and view changed for the lost and sharing my faith only after I read the One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven! I’ve given that book to hundreds of people and it’s changed soooooo many people’s heart for sharing and the sense of urgency. I’m sure you hear that each day, but let me say it too!”

—Beth H.

“I’m re-reading One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. I first read it about 6 years ago. It’s like getting back to the basics, seeing an old friend again and drinking one of those energy drinks all at the same time.”

—Pete S.

“I stumbled across your book, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven in a Salvation Army Thrift store. First intrigued by the title, I thumbed through the pages and decided it might be a good read. And for 99 cents, what did I have to lose? I had no idea what awaited me. Chapter by chapter I was pulled into the concept of personal witnessing, something that was lacking in my life. As a pastor, it is hard for me to admit that.

“By the time I reached the chapter on excess tickets, it was as if God was screaming at me, “Are you listening?” Your book has totally opened my eyes to the reality that, as a believer, I need to be doing more. So, as a result of your book, I am committed to get more involved in changing lives by introducing people to Jesus. You have given me some great ideas and my goal is to put them into action.

“I thank you for your powerful insight, and the challenge to go make disciples. I have already shared your book with several of my pastor friends, in hopes that they too will pick up a copy and make a similar commitment. May God richly bless.”

—Dr. Steve Nestor, Lead Pastor
St. Albans Church of the Nazarene
St. Albans, West Virginia

“Mark Cahill has become the favorite speaker at our Summit camps and conferences, but it’s not because his teaching is fascinating (it is). Nor is it because his approach to evangelism eliminates fear and inspires confidence (it does). Mark is top notch because he’s the real deal. He walks the talk. He has challenged me personally to share my faith in all I do, all the time. I’ve accepted the challenge and hope you will too.”

—Jeff Myers, Ph.D. Director
The Summit Asst. Prof. of Communication Arts
Bryan College

“If I wanted a bunch of teenagers or adults to get excited about sharing their faith in Jesus, I would seek out Mark Cahill to do the job. I have never encountered a man so totally sold out to his Lord than Mark. He, unlike many speakers and authors, walks the talk. He has spent hours with my high school group walking the streets and sharing his faith. They have caught his fire and passion for the lost simply by being around him and listening to his teaching. “No waitress, store owner, or airline passenger sneaks under the radar of Mark Cahill. The man is a bold witness 24/7. He is on a personal, passionate mission to make sure everyone hears the gospel. He can motivate the most recent believer, shy personality, or biblical illiterate to share his faith and do it with joy and power. We need more Mark Cahills to stir us to action, to encourage us to proclaim Jesus anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.”

—Richard King Youth Pastor
Mountain Park First Baptist Church
Stone Mountain, Georgia

“Mark Cahill is one of the most zealous and passionate Christians I know. He reminds me of what the early Christians must have been like as they spread this good news of the gospel. Mark doesn’t fit in the conventional, comfortable church because he is not conventional and he is not comfortable. Praise the Lord. Perhaps the best part is that his zeal is contagious and I have witnessed its effect in many settings. Everyone is challenged; many are never the same again.”

—Sherri McCready, Director
Choice Lifestyle Ministries

“In my many years as a faculty member at Summit Ministries, Mark Cahill, more than any other speaker was able to motivate and capture the students’ hearts for a life of evangelism. His contagious excitement about reaching the lost for Christ will undoubtedly “infect” you as you read this book, and you will experience a new vigor for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

—Dr. Jobe Martin, President
Biblical Discipleship Ministries
Rockwall, Texas

“Mark Cahill had a stunning impact on our student body. His passion for evangelism and his ability to communicate effective principles is unparalleled. We were inspired and changed, students and staff alike. Mark is amazingly real. This message must be heard!”

—Eric Morris, Principal
Timothy Christian School
Piscataway, New Jersey

“Mark Cahill is a gift to the whole body of Christ! Mark is a modern-day soul winner who walks his talk and teaches others to do the same. I am never as challenged to win souls as I am when I am around him, listening to him or reading his material. This material and bold approach are anointed and will help get Christendom back to its primary purpose to seek and to save that which was lost. Read and apply every word.”

—Mark N. Shaner, Youth Pastor
Central Community Church
Wichita, Kansas

“In Ephesians 5:16, we’re told to make the most of every opportunity. I’ve been on staff with FCA for 15 years and had no idea how many witnessing opportunities I was passing by until I met Mark Cahill. Lots of folks have great intentions, but Cahill is truly an example of an individual who makes the most of every opportunity. He is the poster boy for one-on-one evangelism! His countless stories and real-life illustrations will shame you and challenge you to begin seizing the everyday opportunities to comfortably speak out for our Lord Jesus Christ.”

—Steve Wigginton
Kentuckiana Area Director
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Mark Cahill’s burden for lost souls, his fervor and passion for all ages to know Christ personally, is unsurpassed. His presentation of evangelism is powerful, motivating, and most importantly, Christ-like.”

—Dan McMillan, Principal
Loganville Christian Academy
Loganville, Georgia

“Mark has a burning compassion for souls like I have seldom witnessed! He has a unique way of challenging people as well as equipping them to share their faith.”

—Joe Wright, Pastor
Central Christian Church
Wichita, Kansas