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800,000 and Counting

May 2, 2024

We received this neat email from Mia. I really think it will encourage you!

Dear Mark Cahill,

I thank God for your life. My name is Mia Alcancia from the Philippines. I am currently a student of theology and leadership in Oslo, Norway.

One night, I was browsing a book for my studies, “Sociology through the Eyes of Faith,” at the Thrift Book. This book pops up on the bottom side: One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I was fascinated with the title itself! The same week, before I found your book, I was already preparing myself for our next street mission in Aker Brygge, as it was my first time leading the team. I have many questions about how to share my faith and start engaging in conversation; you’ve got the answer. One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven is about how to share your faith with unbelievers.

It also hits me, when I envision standing before the throne of God one day, how I will wish I would have shared Him a whole lot more than I ever did here on earth. It ignites a fire in my heart and a burden for the lost as I continue reading your book. I decided to step up and have the courage, confidence, boldness, and love for Jesus Christ to reach this very lost and perishing world.

On Thursday, I did a prayer walk in Aker Brygge, even though I was alone. It doesn’t stop me. I also handed out some tracts. I approached some by asking them questions like this: If you die tonight, are you 100 percent sure you will go to Heaven? What do you think is on the other side? What do you think is out there when you walk out of here? Most of the people I encountered from that area were teenagers; it wasn’t easy at all. I got nervous, but I have to continue planting seeds! No matter what situation we are in, it is always winning, winning, winning!

When I got home that night, I was crying and asking God if I could have a normal life. I don’t even know what a normal life looks like. Maybe something that’s not like this? And then I remembered that I came to know Jesus because someone introduced Him to me and because someone shared their faith.

On Saturday, while on a street mission, two of us were with Brother Michael. This didn’t discourage us because few with God are always the majority. And we experienced wonderful provision. People were coming to us extremely friendly, and there was no problem with sharing the full gospel. Even mentioning words like “judgment,” “Hell,” and “sin” was without any opposition. We had two encounters where teenagers came to us and told us to give them advice about life, share what we believe, and tell them about God. One guy, after hearing the gospel, had wet eyes. Tourists from India were recording a YouTube live and were saying we gave them the best free coffee in the world.

I’ll continue to have prayer walks and plant seeds, not just during street missions. Sharing our faith and talking about Jesus is a lifestyle.




Mia is fired up to witness! How about you? She made a very interesting yet accurate statement about the throne of God. Today is a day when all of us can do something about that.

The responses we’ve received about One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven have been very humbling. In my wildest dreams, I never thought God would use this book in the way He has. So many people have witnessed for the first time after reading it, and so many more have had the fires of soul-winning rekindled in their lives after scouring its pages

Well, I will have to say, you did it again! One Thing has now topped 800,000 in print—a number I didn’t even know existed when I wrote that book! That number wasn’t even on my blackboard. I just wanted to put something together that would encourage people to witness and give them some tools for how to do it. Oh, me of little faith is so true.

Thanks for being such bold soul-winners for the Lord, and thanks for the encouragement that you have brought me through the years.

Until the nets are full,

P.S. Let’s have some fun. Since One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven now has over 800,000 copies in print, let’s do an 8 8 8 sale. We have moved the suggested donation for this book to $8 each. So you can stock up on One Thing these to give away to Christians, pass them around at church, put them in the libraries that you see in people’s yards, or maybe load up your local prison with them. Thanks for all that you do for the Lord!


P.P.S. Yes, I know that the case price puts it a bit below $8. Remember, I was a really good math student in high school!!

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