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Larry Will Reach the Cable Guy

Dec 1, 2020


Larry says he was a shy accountant who got nervous whenever he thought about talking to the lost. Then he discovered that good gospel tracts and materials took his apprehensions away and made witnessing easy. Now, he’s talking to people all the time.

In the following video, he shares an interesting story about putting what he learned into action to reach the young college guys next door:



Larry found that when he stepped out in faith, the Lord helped him to witness. Now, he keeps tracts and materials handy wherever he goes.

When we heard about the video, we contacted him and found out that he hasn’t slowed down one bit:

Life is now an exciting adventure! I pass out tracts to the people I engage
with and go the mall and shopping center on weekends. I’m purchasing some tracts now for our church. 

Thanks for your continual motivation.



If Larry can hand out a tract and talk with the lost, so can you. How do I know that? You and he are guided by the exact same Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is in the business of drawing all men to Jesus and so should you and I!

John 12:32

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. Many people respond to tracts, just as Larry now knows. They are easy to slip into your pocket or hold in your hand so you can be ready to give them to the people passing you by, those killing time, or those who come to your front door.

     For the Christmas season, we have put our  Tract bundle on special at 25% off the suggested donation. That way, you can stock up for yourself or send them to friends, so they can give them away, too. You can also give bundles to your church to put on their tables for visitors to take with them or for church members to grab on their way out the door to give to others.uggested donation. That way, you can stock up for yourself or send them to friends, so they will have them to give away, too.




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