Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

I’ll See You In Heaven

Dec 11, 2022


You just never know what the Lord has in store for your day. Some of us might pencil it out, but even the best laid plans can go sideways. And if they do, it just might be the Lord putting a divine encounter on your schedule for you to step into.

This kind of thing happened to a friend of mine recently who had unexpected computer trouble and worried that the call to get technical support would be long. And it was, but for all the right reasons!

Hi Mark, 

I have to say that I almost look forward to making calls to get technical support these days. There’s usually some down time while the tech resolves my issues, and that slack gives me plenty of time to move the conversation toward the things that matter. 

Last night, I talked to Carlos in Guatemala. I started with some chitchat about having once traveled to Guatemala, seeing some Mayan ruins, and then explaining how my father and I have been helping some churches near there. That was my opener to ask if he had any religious faith. 

Carlos was Catholic, so I asked how he would get his sins removed, so he could get to Heaven. He guessed, “Be a good person?” I pressed a bit further, “What about the Catholic rituals? Aren’t they supposed to remove your sins?” He really didn’t know. 

So, I ran him through how no one can keep the law, how the law requires a perfect blood sacrifice for sin, and how the rituals of Catholicism are not that sacrifice. That’s when the call started becoming quiet. I worried he might have hung up on me, so I asked if he was still there. In a hushed voice, he said he was and added, “All that you’re saying is good.” It seemed to be hitting his heart.

Since he had control of my computer right in front of me, I decided to show him your website and materials in Spanish, and I explained how he could listen on your Translation page in Spanish to One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. I also briefly explained the contents of a few of your other books and how he could listen to sermons and videos on your website as well.

His shift was ending, so I asked if he had any questions. The only one he had was whether or not he had to pay to listen to the things on your website. He was pretty excited to find out it was all available to hear and watch at no charge. 

My parting words to him were that he loves his family, and he needs to get this figured out, so they can all be saved, too. And his parting words to me were thanking me and telling me, “I’ll see you in Heaven,” which was great to hear! I told him I would be looking for him and that I would pray for him. Neither of us wanted to end the call.


Is there anything greater than watching the gospel humble someone’s heart? Hearing their gratefulness and thanks is priceless. This is the gift Jesus wants us to give to others. He came into the world to secure the gift of forgiveness, and we need to take the news of this unspeakable gift and offer it to the world.

We never know who the Lord has just a phone call away or right in front of us to talk to! So, be ready to pivot your schedule and give someone that good news today!

Until the Nets are Full,


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P.P.S.  As we have been saying for years: Question Everything and Question Everybody. The lies that are being perpetrated are stunning and widespread. When you finally wake up and see the multitude of lies you have been fed and believed, you begin to look at life and the media with a very different perspective.



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