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How Can They Be So Sure?

Mar 25, 2022


Several of our books and booklets have been translated into a variety of languages. They are all grassroots translations worked on by people who wanted to see these materials made available in their country’s native language. You can check out the various languages on our Translations page by clicking on the following:



translation that is currently underway is being worked on by Ester, who is from Denmark. She got a hold of us and expressed her interest in translating One Heartbeat Away into the Danish language. When we asked her to provide her testimony and read through it, we understood why. Wow! What a journey. Enjoy her story, which is written below:

I grew up as a young child in a Christian family in Nuuk, Greenland and have loved going to Sunday school since I was very little. I knew many of the stories in the Bible, but I never understood how important a personal relationship with Jesus is. When we moved to Denmark, all of us kids went to a private Christian school, until I went to high school.

Those three years in high school changed my worldview a lot. I was shocked that the majority of students and teachers were against the Bible. I was only used to being around believers. I began realizing how many atheists we have in countries such as Denmark.

For the first time in my life, I also learned about the details of the evolutionary theory. Although it sounded strange and unimaginable to me, I didn’t have any good arguments against it—ones they couldn’t “answer.”

Everyone around me thought that religious people were naïve, fanatical, and blind. I began to wonder if I had been in a bubble my whole life, because I had never really considered any other option for how the world could have started, other than by God as the Creator.

I tried to talk with my atheistic friends about God, but they had never considered God’s existence at all, and I couldn’t prove it. It made me think more deeply, and I just wanted to find the truth.

I became more open to the idea of evolution and began to wonder if religion was just an attempt to escape from the sad reality of there being no big meaning to life.

In my heart, I knew it couldn’t be true—it just couldn’t—but I didn’t use my time to actually search for answers. I was just passively waiting for the truth to come to me. It’s amazing how lazy you can be about figuring out such an important thing. I mean, you never know when you are going to die. However, I knew something was missing in my life, but I just tried to fill that hole with achieving lots of things that seemed successful in the eyes of the world.

Pretty spontaneously, I started thinking about going to Mexico after high school, just for the sake of having a cultural experience and getting better at speaking Spanish. I knew of a missionary family in Mexico, who had attended the same little church as my parents, and I thought that maybe they could use my help in their home. I also knew that God might be a big part of their everyday life, but that wouldn’t bother me. It wasn’t that I had rejected God; I just didn’t know how to be sure about anything.

While in Mexico, everything changed. I began to read some of the books that the people in church gave me, and I talked with people who were very sure about God’s existence. I often thought, “How can they be so sure about this?” since there are so many arguments against it, as I had learned from the people at my high school.

As I began to read their books, my questions and doubts were being answered one by one. I found all the points and answers I had been searching for. I started reading One Heartbeat Away and loved how it had a scientific angle, how it proved that evolution is impossible, and how the existence of God actually makes much more sense than anything else. I couldn’t help writing to my atheist friends about some of the arguments from the book, and they also agreed that the theory of evolution is strange.


I’m so glad God led me to these people in Mexico so my eyes could be opened. I realized that I had been so wrong in the way I thought and lived. I had lived for the world and not for God. Now that I have all this new information, I am ready to learn more and more about Jesus and do my best to obey God. I finally understand how much I need Jesus as my Savior and best friend.

Although it was a pretty dangerous time in high school, I’m glad that God let me see it from the other side. It made me see how easy it is to believe the many lies that Satan has planted in the world and how I have to be aware that these lies are everywhere.

After all this, I just really long to share the gospel with people who are as confused as I was, so they can see the truth and find Jesus Christ.

Ester M.


Thank you for all of you faithful Christians out there who share your faith, live out your faith, help people find answers to their questions, and give solid literature away. We need more of you doing that NOW! The “Esters” of the world really appreciate that you love Jesus enough to tell them about Him!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. Not only are we excited about Ester’s turnaround, but we hear from others who have amazing testimonies of coming to the Lord as well. Just last week, another lady named Megan—who marked up her One Heartbeat Away book—let us know about her decision to believe and follow Christ!


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