Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Here Today, Where Tomorrow

Nov 9, 2019


People are out and about on the streets this time of year. Some of them are on their way somewhere, others are hanging out, but most people everywhere are looking for encouragement and someone who cares about them and their souls. Some of those people might be here today, but gone tomorrow. Where will they be for all of eternity?


Thank you for the interest you have taken in my little project here in Minnesota. I take a small sack of buckskin or cloth that I put booklets and coins in and give them to people requesting money along the side of the road.

Jon Olson collage

One of these photos shows the items inside of the bags that I give out as I drive along the highways and streets in the NW Metro area of Minneapolis.

My old bag was made of leather. I use One Second After You Die and The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told booklets. The “hook” inside of them is the money packet I assemble. I use a long piece of clear mailing tape, place the paper message face down on it, put four one-dollar coins on the paper, and then fold the tape over to encase the coins.

The message I enclose reads: “The $4 is to help you now. I hope you use it wisely. The booklet could change your life if you read it. God loves you!”

I then highlight the key question at the end of the booklet and tape the encased money packet on the opposite page as a “bookmark.” Then I put the booklet in a sealable plastic bag so it remains dry and legible. 

I place the booklet containing the “bookmark,” that’s inside of a plastic bag, into an outer bag, and I keep a few of them in my car to give out as the Lord directs.

We gave my ten-year-old granddaughter a sewing machine for her birthday, and she is now my sole supplier of outer cloth bags. She is currently preparing 32 bags to go with the booklet order I just placed. 

That’s it! Hope this idea helps others to share the good news of God’s forgiveness and grace. 

His Humble Servant, 



The Lord uses simple ideas like this and regular people like Jon, you, and me to make a big difference in the lives of others. We are so grateful for the people y’all have reached with these booklets! You folks have some great ideas about how to give them out. Please send us some of your ideas so we can use them to encourage others ([email protected]).

I was leaving my neighborhood yesterday, and there were four AT&T guys standing by their trucks. So I walked over and got into a good conversation with them and gave each of them a booklet. As I was walking back to my car, someone else was sitting down next it. I began to chat with him. He was a homeless gentleman. Great conversation about eternity and Jesus. He took one of the booklets and a book. He loves to read.

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We are thankful for you and your zeal in serving the Lord by giving out the lifesaving and life-changing gospel of truth!

Until the Nets are Full,


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