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Get in the Soul-Winning Game

Feb 18, 2023


God’s perfect timing is perfect for a reason. Running into someone a year earlier may not have been the perfect time to chat with them. Take a read through God’s perfect timing in the encounters that Logan had over Super Bowl weekend:


I’m at the airport heading to Las Vegas. There is a sourcing convention for apparel there, so my wife and I are going for our business. I’m watching all these people stare at the screens and talk about the plays and scores. No one will care in 3 months. They definitely won’t care in ten years. I packed all of my essentials, and by that I mean tracts and books, to witness both on the way to Sin City and when I get there.

I met a lady named Nikara after we tried to get into a few restaurants with long waits. She had a bag on a table, and I asked if we could sit there, and she let us. Before she left, I asked her where she was from and her name. Then I asked her if I could give her a gift and if she liked to read. She said she did, so I handed her a One Heartbeat Away book and told her that I shouldn’t be alive, due to my past, but because of Jesus, I am still here, and my purpose is to share Him.

Mark, this lady broke down in the middle of the airport. Her husband had just left her, and she had been burned by the church. Meeting me was her affirmation that God was there, and He was pursuing her. I assured her of the grace provided through Christ. I prayed over her, and she went on her way. She told me she would never forget this.

I then walked over to the counter where the guys were preparing food. I thanked them and handed them some tracts. One guy asked me if I was a Christian. I said, “Yes.” He said he was as well. So, I grabbed him a One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and encouraged him to share his faith. The other guy didn’t know what happened after this life, so I shared the gospel and gave him a One Heartbeat Away book.

I’m in the soul-winning game. That’s way more exciting than the football game that was on.



Then on Logan’s trip home, something else happened:


Dude, you will love this. Almost home. Going through the Vegas airport. The security guy that had my bag asked me what was in there, books? I said, “Yep.” He said, “I need to open this.” I said, “Please do.” I had given away all of my One Heartbeat Away books but had some tracts left and my Bible.

I tried to give him one, and he said he couldn’t take it. I asked him if I could please share the gospel with him, and he said I could. When I finished, he said, “You have no idea what this means to me.” Just today, he prayed to God that if He was there to please send someone to him and talk to him about the way to Him. So, I got his number―which he’s not supposed to give me―but he said he was willing to risk it. I’ll be sending him a One Heartbeat Away and keeping in touch.

God is so, so Good, Mark! I’m humbled and grateful to tears that He allows me to be used.



Either God is going to use you or Satan is going to use you, but you are going to get used. Logan is getting used. It’s not a bad thing at all, as long as Jesus is the One doing the using!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. Do you remember the pictures we included in one of our newsletters last week? Some of our One Heartbeat Away books made it to Phoenix during Super Bowl weekend, and this young man received one of them.


Then, one of my favorite soul-winners, Steve, let me know there was more to the story. He was walking back in that direction and took the picture below.


This young man was still reading the book one hour later!! Praise ye the Lord!!

I will say it until I am blue in the face (oops, sounding like my mom there!): plant seeds, plant seeds, plant seeds. You just don’t know what the Lord is going to do with the seed you are about to plant!




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