Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Driveway Conversations

Oct 4, 2021


My brother flew into town again. He wanted me to pick him up from the airport again. I was thinking to myself: Couldn’t he get an Uber? Maybe walk from the airport to our parents’ house? He could use the exercise. But I folded, once again, and picked him up.

As we were driving, he asked if I would stop at Wendy’s, so he could pick up some food. I politely let him know that he shouldn’t be eating late at night. All you can do is try to help your brother out, even if he won’t help himself. So he decided to order a pizza from his phone! Goodness.

Of course, it is my job to meet the delivery drivers when they arrive at my folks’ home. Some amazing conversations have happened in that driveway.

On this particular night, Andre was the driver, and we chatted for a few seconds before I said, “Three questions for you.”

     He said, “Sure.”

     “One, do you ever think about what happens when you die?”


     “What makes you think about it?”

     “I have been shot five times.”

     Oops. That was not the answer I was expecting. He then explained those five shots and said he still has one bullet left inside of him!

     I continued, “What do you think happens when you die?”

     “I am spiritual, and I think your spirit goes to . . . ”

I have heard this answer a gazillion times before: The spirit leaves the body. The spirit goes somewhere, but they are not sure where. It might linger here or it might linger there, wherever “there” is. 

Great, great opportunity to share the blood of Jesus with Andre. He realized he had broken the Ten Commandments and needed forgiveness. He loved to read and took a book and booklet. I asked him how many others were working back at the pizza shop. He said, “Three more.” I got a booklet and a tract for all of them. I put a $10 bill in each one of those and gave Andre a really nice tip. Good seed plant.

Please say a prayer for Andre. Pray that he will repent and believe on what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for him. Thank you.

And, if any of you would like to volunteer to pick up my brother from the airport next time, let me know, and I’ll give him your number!

Until the Nets are Full,


 P.S. Hmm….I wonder why illegals are treated better than many U.S. citizens.


P.P.S. What a disgusting person this is. Talk about trying to manipulate Christians into doing what she wants. She doesn’t know the Word of God, and she definitely doesn’t know who an apostle is. Please pray for her soul. Who would give her a pulpit to say things like this? Welcome to the American church in 2021.



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