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Blessing Prisons and Prisoners

Dec 10, 2019


One of the fun aspects of this ministry that you may not know about is all of the work we do with prisons and prisoners.

Last week we sent 30 cases of books to a prison ministry that gets our books into prisons all across America. The folks at this ministry read our books and wanted to get more so they could send them out to prisoners and to chaplains. They have actually sent materials to over 2,000 prisons across the United States!

I got a call one day from a man who had been in solitary confinement while he was in a Birmingham, AL, jail. He told me he had been arrested on false charges. Haven’t we heard that before?! When he was in there, someone handed him a One Heartbeat Away book through the opening in the door. He read the entire book in one day. Then he was released the very next day! His charges were found to be false! He told me that he thanked God that he was put in there because God used the book to wake him up. He is now saved and wants to share his faith with many.

One prison chaplain in Phoenix got ahold of me. He had read our book Reunion and just loved it. He wasn’t sure how it even got into his prison. He wanted that book for the inmates but didn’t know we had other books as well. He then told me he was the chaplain of the largest prison in Arizona! So we sent him nine cases of books to distribute to the men out there.

I got a letter in the mail from a prisoner who is in a jail in Arizona. He read One Second After You . . . Die

He wanted to know if I had a sister who went to Stone Mountain High School. This guy actually graduated with my sister in Georgia, and now he is in a prison in Arizona. He had no clue that I was her brother. He has now read a couple of our books and said he has committed his life to Jesus Christ.

And believe it or not, we could tell you a ton of other stories like these!

So, I wanted to say, “Thank you!” When you donate for the materials you order, or just donate to the ministry, this is how we put your gifts to use for the Lord, as well as for some other neat, eternal projects. Your blessings to us help us to continue blessing many. The prisoners thank you, and we thank you. Thank you!!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. I talked to a guy last week. He and his wife were staying in a cottage in Asheville. A One Heartbeat Away book was in the cottage. He devoured it. When I talked to him, he was ordering some tracts. He used to be a soul winner but got off track. Now, he wants to finish the race well and reach the lost! Praise ye the Lord!!

Thanks for continuing to give so many books away. You just never know in whose hands they might wind up!! And you never know who might be impacted for eternity because of your faithfulness. This is a great time of year to pick up materials and stay on track for the Lord and the gospel! And it’s a great time of year to set some of those materials on your front step to bless whoever comes to your door!


Keep blessing others and blessing the Lord by making gospel materials available to many, many people. The Book Sale bundles are still available for you, for you to give away to others, or for people who might knock on your door!



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