Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Bike Week

Mar 19, 2022


Some friends of the ministry love to witness. I mean LOVE to witness! Lost people mean a lot to them. They know that they need Jesus.

This husband and wife team went down to reach people at Bike Week in Daytona a few weekends ago. Here is an update from them: 

We were in Daytona yesterday with another group called Hell Fighters. They are a group of bikers who love God and have joined up with us and Regeneration Ministries in serving others.

This time, we decided to join them. They were offering free gas to all bikers down there. Three thousand dollars later and 276 tanks of bikers filled up with premium gas meant we had a lot of happy campers. Five people were saved!

The man with Diana is Robert. He was so thankful for feeling the love of God through the group. I was down the street and witnessing to a biker when Robert asked Diana what the activity was all about. She shared God’s Word with him and prayed for him. By the time I joined them, she had finished doing a wonderful job of sharing the gospel. I was very proud of her. She does a great job with women, so she had to step out of her comfort zone pretty quickly with him. She was nervous yet glowing when she finished talking to him.

2_DianaFreeGasSign   3_PrayingatGas-Pump   4_Tracts-on-Street

6_Praying-by-Trailers   5_Tract-w-Passerby  1_Diana-with-Biker

Diana stated on her FB page:


Brian and Diana were exhausted on the way home!


What a way to get tired!

The finish line is just up ahead. Make sure you are very tired when you hit the tape at the end of the race! 

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  Did you know that the U.S. Government paid media companies to promote the vaccines at the same time those companies were supposed to be reporting on those vaccines? How could you critically write about something when those same people are lining your pockets? And, by the way, some of those outlets were “conservative” outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, etc.



You really think you know what is going on in Ukraine? You can’t trust the U.S. media. You can’t trust the Ukrainian media. You can’t trust the Russian media. You actually don’t know what is going on.

QEQE: Question everything and Question Everybody.

There is one book you can trust during these times: The Holy Bible. Keep your nose stuck right in the middle of it all the days of your life.

P.P.S. We received this great note from Dawn the other day. She forwarded this screenshot from her phone and said: “Everyone I give this tract to loves it!!!


In the minds of many, “infinity” is the same as “eternity.” Handing them an Infinity tract is a great way to have a discussion about what really matters, rather than about entertainment or news.

You can pick up your eternity tracts today at:


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