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Atheist Security Guard Turned Christian

Mar 20, 2017

Please enjoy this story from a newer believer who is on fire for the Lord!

 Brother Mark,

I just uploaded my testimony on my Facebook page, and I wanted to share it with you. This is a little embarrassing, but I think I am ready to share this story publicly. If my testimony can help someone else, I am absolutely ready and willing to share this.

“There was a time in my life where I literally questioned everything. When I was younger I was a hardcore atheist. I was a huge fan of TJ Kirk and all the other internet atheists. I just couldn’t, in my head, comprehend how anyone could believe something so absurd as an invisible God who created everything. I not only didn’t believe in God, but I tried to disprove that He existed. For about a year, I was just such a jerk to Christians, even testing their faith (to everyone in my family, I am sorry.)

“One day, I was on YouTube, and I was watching a video by the Armored Skeptic where he was making fun of a Christian who was making videos for God. I had a Christian comment and say, “If you readOne Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill, you would not be an atheist. Mark debunks evolution and proves that God exists by using science, archaeology, fulfilled prophecy, and eye-witness testimonies.” At the time, I remember laughing and even being rude to the Christian who told me that, but I thought, What do I have to lose? So I went to Books-A-Million and bought a copy of the book.

“At the time, I was working as a security guard. I was on a midnight shift at a well site. I began reading the book with the thought that the book was already wrong and stupid, and I was going to disprove it. I remember even laughing at the description on the back of the book. About half way through the second chapter, I had tears running down my face, and I was on my knees begging God to forgive me of my sins and asking Jesus to come into my heart. Now, here I am, years later, boldly professing the good news of Jesus Christ, and reaching the lost! I owe God everything, and the rest of my life I will do everything in my power to share the Word of God and the Gospel with others!

“If you are not saved, there IS proof that God exists. I am a witness to God’s love and forgiveness. One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill presents that truth! This is a testimony that no one will ever take away from me. I will never forget what I felt that night! No words can even describe the love of God; it is truly incredible. Praise God!”

     Your book, One Heartbeat Away is, in my opinion, one of greatest books—if not the greatest book—ever written! Thank you for what you do, Mark. Your DVDs, “Reaching the Lost” and “You Are Here For Two Reasons,” are so powerful and so inspiring.  I absolutely LOVE everything on your website. The gospel tracts are amazing! Thank you for what you do, Mark. If it was not for you, I would have never given my life back to the Lord. You are so awesome!

God Bless!

Josh R.
Josh is on fire for the Lord and has purchased many books for himself and  his church to keep them loaded with good materials so all of them can be out there reaching friends and strangers with eternal truth.

And thanks again to all of you for giving away so many copies  of One Heartbeat Away! There are now over 800,000 copies of this book in print somewhere in the world. That is because y’all order them and give them away to so many people. We hear the neatest stories because of your faithfulness! So if you need to pick up some more copies to keep reaching the lost, you canclick here and pick up some more to give away to people who have questions and need answers.

Until the Nets are Full,


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