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Who’s Hanging Up on Whom?

Feb 14, 2020


Do you hang up on telemarketers, or do you let them hang up on you? Keith had the great experience of a telemarketer hanging up on him recently. Little did he know, that was not the end of the story. He wrote:

“I keep getting telephone calls where people are trying to rip me off. Because of you and a few others, I decided that this one call was an opportunity. Knowing that the Word of God would not come back void, I told this man to take his large sum of money and keep it because I had the Lord, who is worth more to me. Then I proceeded to explain how he could also have this same confidence. He still tried to rip me off, so I said Hell would be total darkness with wailing and gnashing of teeth forever and ever. But if he confessed with his mouth and believed in his heart that Jesus was God and confessed he was a sinner, he would be with me in Heaven. He then hung up on me. I thought that was it, but much to my surprise, he called me back later that night from his home. He wanted to talk more about it. I have no idea what happened, but I know the Lord is working on him. All glory goes up.

Praise His Holy Name,


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Keith is a blind gentleman. Shares his faith all the time. He walks around, hears people talking, and then heads in their direction with one of our booklets. He says, “Do you like to read?” Pretty much, everyone says “Yes” and takes a booklet from him. Then he starts talking with them.

But as you can tell, Keith likes witnessing at home as well. If anyone can talk about darkness, it’s a blind person. However, it won’t just be darkness going on in Hell but suffering that will never, ever end. Are you warning people to take refuge in Christ? Are you even warning the telemarketers who call your home?

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  Make these winter months count for the Lord. Keep your ears attuned to the sound of people talking, and listen for an opportunity to talk to the lost, whether in public or private settings. Be prepared to strike up a conversation with them and leave them with materials to help drive home the points of your discussion. Our booklets are on sale right now to help you do just that! They’re easy to carry and easy for someone to take home in their pocket or handbag. These high-quality booklets will help you be ready for whomever the Lord puts in your path or whoever is within earshot. They are an engaging way to give someone the life-saving gospel. You can pick some up at the link provided below.


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