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Who Holds the Keys to Your House

Aug 7, 2018

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“Love the way you wrote ‘Ten Questions from the King.’  I’m really enjoying it!! Very much puts the challenge out there to believers. And if a non-believer reads it, there are good references about false religion done in such a way that they are not going to go unnoticed, but not offensive so as to put someone off who may have a false faith. Obviously, the Truth will ruffle some feathers, and sometimes feathers need to be ruffled for people to question what they believe vs. what the Real Truth, the Real Way, and the Real Life is to salvation! Thanks for your diligence, my brother.”                                           

              — Ray P.


Please enjoy the following excerpt from Chapter 5 of our new book

Ten Questions from the King!




     In the Bible, the word hypocrite shows up 33 times. Interestingly, hypocrite was a common Greek term for an actor who worked behind a mask. Stage players in antiquity wore masks to hide their true identity as they played the part of their characters.

     We live in a society today where people are paid millions of dollars to be hypocrites. A friend of mine, before he passed away, built movie sets for a living. Many movies are filmed on studio lots, but these designed sets are not the reality you might think they are when watching a movie. Actors and actresses play the part of someone they really are not. The better they are at pretending or lying, the more convincing they will be as an actor, and typically, the more money they make. I rarely darken the door of a movie theatre because I don’t want to give those liars my money, and I don’t want to support the totally ungodly world of Hollywood. This is also why I don’t own a television. I don’t want my cable or satellite fees funding that wicked industry.

     In the time of the Greeks, it was easy to figure out the real identity of the actors. You could walk up to them, take off their masks, and see their faces. Jesus is doing the same here. He is unmasking the Pharisees. He is showing us their real character. He is revealing their true colors. Don’t live a lie. Don’t be a hypocrite. It is not a healthy way to go through life, and you will have regrets when the time of unmasking comes.

     The Pharisees gave the impression they would not have been partakers with the fathers in killing the prophets and would have been innocent of bloodshed, but since they are about to turn Jesus over to be crucified, I am not so sure I trust their words. They are about to do something much worse than killing the prophets; they are about to reject and murder the Son of God.

     Sometimes, we think we know what we would do in a situation, but really, we cannot be sure until we cross that bridge. If someone came into your church with a gun right as your Sunday school class was studying this book, are you 100 percent sure what you would do? When adrenalin starts flowing, we may not always act in the way we think we would in a given situation.

     Some of us think we would never have denied Jesus like the people did back then. Are you sure about that? If you deny Him in your actions now, what makes you think you would not have denied Him then?

     Think about yourself for a moment. If you had been living back then, would you have been yelling crucify Him, or would you have been fighting for Him? Or would you have very cowardly slithered away and blended in with the crowd without making your stand known for the King? Be careful. If you will not stand up for Jesus Christ in your workplace, witness to lost people while you are out and about, or hand out tracts on the streets, then don’t be so sure of your answer.

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