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What People Are Saying – Top Ten Reviews

Jan 5, 2024

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What People

“This was our first time to hear Mark Cahill speak. He has a talent for engaging his listeners that kept us all on the edge of our seats. He has challenged us all to share the gospel with everyone we meet and was a real encouragement. We have already shared with some friends of ours how powerfully his talk impacted our family.”

—Susan J.

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done in my life. Yes, I prayed, I studied my Bible, went to a Christian church, but NEVER did I realize the urgency of getting the gospel out to as many as possible. I walk the busy forest trail looking for people anytime I am out. I am better and more successful if I get into a personal conversation and then hand out the tract. I am also critical when I see people in their 60s and 70s sitting in group Bible studies. We have to stop cutting bait and get fishing!!!! Keep up the great work!”

—Bill O.

“Hello Mr. Mark my name is Caleb Green. During your sermon I was one of the people sitting in the front row on your left. I was enthralled for the third time in my life by the message. The first time was whenever my home church Macedonia received brother Sluggo Norris as our pastor and he preached his first message which started my road of salvation.  The second was the sermon the night I was saved on June 19, 2016.  I got three of your books Sunday after service and am now reading The Watchmen.  So far I love the book and it has lead me to make changes in my personal life. Thank you for giving me an opportunity I would not otherwise have.”

—Caleb G.

Following the dedication ceremony, which by the way was very nice, New Life Senior Pastor Marlin D. Harris introduced the morning’s guest preacher, Mark Cahill. I felt like I knew Cahill from somewhere or at least heard of him. I did; I knew I recognized him but not from what he’s now known for all over the world. Cahill was a member of the Auburn University basketball team from 1981-84, having played on Tigers teams with Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Charles Barkley and Indiana Pacer great Chuck Person.

“Years ago, I had done research on those Tigers for a magazine piece and Cahill’s name just so happened to stick with me. He wasn’t a big time SEC player by any stretch of the imagination. He did, however, make a few All-SEC Academic teams, averaging 2.3 points and less than a rebound per game as a senior. Cahill’s greatest moves are being made on stages, at malls, in the streets, and wherever he can as an evangelist.

“On Sunday in front of a 99.9 percent African American congregation, Cahill, a 6’7″ white man with a shaved head, told stories and jokes, quoted the Bible, preached the word in a way I had yet to hear in my time on Earth. My mother, God rest her soul in heaven, had my twin brother and I in church every chance she got and I thank her for it every night in my prayers. I’m passing that on to my kids and now I will be passing on parts of Cahill’s testimony as well because his words got me up off my feet.

“Sports and faith don’t always find their way into the sports section of a newspaper, especially one in the south. First, church service on Sunday morning, then Falcons football on Sunday afternoon. Everything in its rightful place. For the sake of this column, I wanted to incorporate Cahill’s work and his five books (and counting) into this “sports” column.

“What I saw on the stage that morning was a former athlete that found his calling off the court, away from the huge crowds of the Southeastern Conference. Today, Cahill is still performing in front of crowds and changing lives “by having conversations.” He’s changed mine by what I saw and heard from him on Sunday. Hopefully, he’ll read this and get up off his feet for me like I did for his words. I should be so lucky.”

HHJ online—Donnell Suggs
Sports Writer, HHJ

“We had Mark Cahill come to speak yesterday Speakingin both morning worship services. Over 350 people came back Sunday at 5:00 p.m. for a two hour evangelistic training session. Mark did an excellent job. We cut our music to the bone to give him 50 minutes of preaching time, and it was worth it. I was amazed at the number of people who returned for the training.

“I have sat through a number of evangelistic training courses over the years. Mark’s training was by far the best. He is a great guy (even if he is an Auburn graduate and All-American Academic in basketball early 80s). He is passionate. He is intelligent. He is motivating. He is prepared. He is thoughtful. He is biblical. He loves the Lord, and he loves people enough to share his faith with them.

“Seldom have I taken the time to write an email like this after having a guest preacher/teacher in my church. But I REALLY want you to consider him, because my church needed him, and my guess is that your church does, too.

“You will appreciate this: He brought cartons of books and tracts and CDs. We set up a table and put the books on the table. We put an open box on the table. He told people they could take what they want and give what they want and if anyone had a need, they could take money out of the box. At the end of the day, we closed the box and gave it to Mark, and he is sending more material for us to do the same thing next week. By the way, the material is excellent.

“Mark preached in both services . . . witnessed to several people at Starbucks in the afternoon . . . came back and did the training. He is the real deal. Check out his web site, read one of his books, give him a call, and introduce him to your people. You will be glad you did.”

—Dr. Bob Jolly, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Cumming, Georgia

“Mark Cahill is the best speaker I know. He writes and speaks to you; and, maybe without even trying because he is so blessed. He makes you feel like you are having a one on one conversation and you just love listening! Then you reach out to him, and he IS there. He won’t like hearing me compare or elevate him. Of all evangelists, Mark is most real, accessible, cordial, polite, and delivers a message in a way nobody else seems today to convey. Mark teaches you that the number one reason to be here on earth is to talk to souls who don’t know where they go when they die. We are supposed to help people get there while we are here. You can’t DO that in Heaven!!! Those who know the truth need to talk to those who don’t know. Fellow believers need convincing to SHARE this message with those who need to hear it. Talking to everyone that needs to hear this message is what believers should do!! Mark gave me books and signed books for me to keep and to give to friends, which is what I have done. As a result, several of my friends have COMPLETELY changed. Friends are talking to others ABOUT the afterlife, and friends are FINALLY pondering something real. Thank you, Mark, for all you do!


“I am going through [scores of lectures] and after 59 sessions have come to Lukewarm No More. I must say yours was the most powerful of all of them so far. As I listened to you I constantly threw my hands up in worship and praise and agreement. I am deeply blessed by your message. You are so anointed I just wanted to say thank you so much I really felt the great movement of the SPIRIT. Very excited and the clarity is brilliant. Gods blessings on you and your ministry. I am going to have to get some of your books. I have a list of “hard cases,” some of them I have prayed over for years. Thank you so much again.”

—Carl C.

“Mark is the most zealous, bold, and powerful witness for Jesus Christ that I have ever seen. He motivated our church to do the same.”

—Bruce McCartney
Flint Hill Baptist Church, Alabama

“Wow!! What a phenomenal messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ Mark is!! From the time he hit the stage until the time he got off, everyone was glued to this man. We’ve had many great speakers at our Souled Out event, but none compare to the compassion for the lost that Mark Cahill has!!! I would refer him to anyone on this planet!!!”

—Joe Cotton

“All of us who attended are talking about his commitment to Christ and were not only challenged, but put to shame as well for not doing much in the area of witnessing. He made a great impact on our lives, and many said they had never met anyone who has blessed them so much through the Word.”

—David Chigurupati
The Telugu Christian Fellowship of New Jersey