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Turning Ireland Upside Down

Apr 1, 2018

Don Blythe Final 1

This spring, Ireland is hotly debating whether or not to legalize abortion. Interesting, because this predominantly Catholic country has some of the strictest abortion laws in the world. Ireland’s new president has vowed to repeal the 8th Amendment of their Constitution.

The battle in Ireland is raging, and a friend and the founder of At The Well Ministries, Don Blythe, has put himself squarely on the front lines. He travels around the US and the world to help college students understand that there is life in the womb and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Here’s what he recently wrote in to say:

Statue-Don-Blythe Don-Blythe-Ireland-2

“Yesterday, we were in a great fishing hole outside of the largest college in Ireland. Great dialogue. I had a good communication with a bank employee as she willingly took One Heartbeat Away. Then last night, we came upon a gang of teens smoking dope in an alley. They heard our American voices and loved talking to us. They took our tracts after some good conversation about our country. As soon as you get well, we HAVE TO go out with you on the streets again. Our first week has been intense and awesome. We’re going into the city center again today. 

He wrote in again:

Don-Blythe-4 Don-Blythe-3

“We are in our 4th week of battle, and yesterday was AWESOME. We set up all around the incredible memorial to the fiery Daniel O’Connell, an abolitionist and mighty voice against injustice. We were situated where 10,000 people walked by every hour!!! It was a great time, and no Garda [Irish police]. Many stories for later. All week has been filled with intense activity, and we have so much to tell you. The New York Times had a huge picture of Matt in an article about ‘those Americans’ in Ireland shaking things up. Pray for us to finish this month strong. So much to tell you about how God has been at work.”

 Why is the New York Times writing about these American citizens turning Ireland upside down and not writing about you or I turning America upside down?

Until the Nets are Full,



P.S. All of us need to be loaded up with tracts. God uses them in Ireland, in the US, and everywhere we go!



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