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Training in Truth

Jun 25, 2018

Training in Truth

We have heard from many of you who have been reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, One Heartbeat Away, The Watchmen, and Ten Questions from the King in your study groups. Whether in Sunday School classes, prison ministry groups, youth groups, men’s or women’s groups, Bible study classes at Christian high schools, or homeschoolers’ gatherings, a lot of you have participated in or led groups using these materials.

Several of you have also commented that members of your group have been given the opportunity to put into practice the things they are learning each week. That means more and more people are getting fired up and sharing their faith! Praise ye the Lord!!

Summer goes by fast, so it’s never too early to start thinking about what your discussion group will be studying this fall. Now might be a good time to pick up a book to give to your group leader, youth pastor, or other “movers and shakers” so they have a chance to look over the materials before fall study groups begin. As one person puts it, they want their “study buddies” to have good materials so they can all be trained up in truth together.

All four of these books have free study guides available on our website or included in the book. We offer these at no charge because we enjoy blessing others.

When you do pick up books for your group, we encourage you to order them from www.markcahill.org. The proceeds from your donations go directly to the ministry. Other sites might offer our materials, but often we don’t see anything from the books that are purchased there.

Here is some feedback about groups that have studied some of our books:

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to give you a praise report on how blessed we have been after using your book, One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. We finished our session before Christmas. We were all encouraged to be more intentional about sharing our faith. We just started your other book, One Heartbeat Away, for our level 4 leaders class for our new session a couple of weeks ago. It is a great witnessing book. Great material on why our faith is based on facts. It makes perfect sense. I guess the church orders the books through a distribution center.

I have also been using your books and several videos in the prison ministry evangelism class.  We are all blessed by the teachings.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills


I have led several small group studies on the book One Heartbeat Away. The power of doing the book study as a small group is huge. Everyone in the group shares what they’re learning and what the Holy Spirit is teaching them. The whole group benefits and grows as they each share and explain their thoughts. The learning is much greater than if they were to read the book alone, and the result is incredible!

Many came to saving faith in Jesus after our study of One Heartbeat Away.  The book provided convincing evidence, arguments, and testimony that the Bible is true, beginning with small facts and building on them until, by the end, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is a true and reliable book that one could stake their faith on! This is the best impact! That they would be believers in the Bible and Jesus after the study. Others have gone on to hold their own small-group studies of this book.

The study questions that were written for One Heartbeat Away helped the group study and discussion go much deeper. They were challenging and focused, which helped our discussions be more effective and the learning greater. Some of the questions brought out truths that I had not thought of, so they were excellent tools to use in the small group study!

Kathy C.


Here’s an excerpt from One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven that shows how a college group put into practice the evangelism tools they were learning:

Take a Stand

While speaking to college students in Daytona Beach, my left knee began to swell and swell! and I couldn’t put any pressure on my leg. So, being a typical guy, I asked for a chair so I could sit down to finish my talk. Afterward, because I couldn’t walk, someone suggested going to the emergency room.

 Although I am not a big fan of doctors, I didn’t see any other option at that point. So about ten college students piled into a van and took me to the emergency room. Along the way, I told the students that I was finally old enough and wise enough to realize that this whole situation didn’t have anything to do with my knee. Instead, God was sending us to this emergency room for a reason, so we should find out what it was.

When the students walked into that dark hospital, they let their lights shine very brightly and ministered to people in an amazing way. One girl began to minister to a man who was suicidal. She did a wonderful job. Two others got to lead two people to Jesus in the middle of the emergency room!

As I talked with the workers at the front desk, they were surprised at our loving attitude and the fact that we didn’t complain like many others. One woman said, “I was grouchy and grumpy, and then you walked into this place! She wanted to have a terrible day, and we just wouldn’t let her!

When we left, the seven workers at the front desk watched us as we walked out. These college students had discovered that every time they shared their faith, they couldn’t lose, so they took a bold, loving stand for Jesus.

We have now learned, straight from the Bible, that every time we share our faith, it is a winning situation. The rest of this book won’t make any sense unless you can answer this simple question: If every time we share our faith, it is a winning situation, what is the only time we lose when it comes to witnessing? The only time we lose is when we don’t share our faith. Every other time, it is a winning situation. Now that we know that, let’s look at some of the excuses we use that keep us from taking a very bold stand for our God, who took a very bold stand on the cross just for you and me!

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