Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

The Last Ride – Reviews

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“I love these books!! They are chock full of ways to talk to the lost. I highly recommend them!! These books are easy reads, great stories, and challenge you to step out in faith to tell other’s about Christ. They have truly inspired me to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

 — Yvette C.

“Your books are powerful. They stir my passion for the lost. You are indeed touching lives for Christ. I am writing from Ghana.”

— Joseph B.

“The Last ride was an amazing read!”

—Chris W.


“Hey Mr. Mark! I have been really excited to start reading your new book and see what you have written about this time! I am currently reading it, and I am enjoying it! I love the style you’re using and the heavenly perspective it is being told from. It is very powerful, and I can’t wait to see how it ends. I just wanted to let you know that I am reading it, and it is a work of art!”

—Chris D.

“I just wanted to share my excitement this morning as I presented each family in our church with a copy of The Last Ride. I first distributed copies to my Sunday school class and then to others following morning worship. Everyone was excited and thankful to receive a copy! Last Wednesday, my wife and I also gave a copy to my son’s first grade teacher. She told us the next day she couldn’t put it down! I have used The Last Ride to bring many folks joy this Christmas season.”

—Richard G.

“I’ve just finished reading The Last Ride. It fascinated me the way Mark used the characters, from beginning to end, to show how great God’s love is for us and that we are running out of time to reach the lost. We, as Christians, need to be bold and share God’s love; and that He has sent His Son to be the atonement for our sins. We should be sharing the love of Christ every minute of the day and not fear what others may say about us. We should take up our cross and follow Jesus, and love each other as He loves us. This novel is, by far, the best Mark has ever written!”

 —Deborah H.

“Thank you for your new book! I am in the process of reading it. What struck me from the very first is that I have never thought about the Lord having fun, and it was interesting how you described that He enjoyed creating. Thanks for the perspective!”

—Janice S.

“This is a brilliantly done, of the Bible, in a novel form.  Shows God’s mercy, grace, love for mankind.  God continues to give man a way of escape from a literal hell.  Great presentation, Mark.”

—Marvin W.

“Just finished your latest book, The Last Ride. WOW!! Thoroughly enjoyed not only the book, but the great parallel of the world events going on today. Brother you nailed it! Best one yet!! Keep serving and sharing.”

—Joe C.

“Never before have I read a book that addresses so many contemporary issues facing our world today (other than the Bible)! The Last Ride beautifully portrays the increasing pulse of the biblical end time scenario.  It is a tool that can be left in the hands of [Christians] with the confidence of knowing that the reader will have answers that effectually address any questions they may have. The Last Ride unashamedly presents God’s Word as true. A pure joy to read.”

—Richard G.

“God’s tender heart toward His creation and the refusal of mankind to heed His warnings are abundantly clear in each chapter of this book. Mark Cahill presents the simplicity of truth in his fast-paced staccato style, which builds anticipation toward a crescendo that includes several surprises at the end. By contrasting the heavenly and earthly perspectives of history and what awaits the world at the end of time, you will be impacted with the importance of the choices you make in your life today. This book left me in tears looking at people not with earthly eyes, but with the heart of the Lord!”

—Sally W.

“This timely book is a fast overview of the Bible that would take months to learn in Sunday school but is condensed into an accurate picture of what history and the Christian life are about. When coupled with the deterioration and seriousness of our times, it creates the sense of urgency to get our spiritual houses in order and be busy about the things of the Lord. He might be coming sooner than any of us think.”

—Don H.

“I am reading The Last Ride! it is an amazing book! it is very powerful!”

—Sydnie S.

“This book completely fascinated me and was hard to put down. It is a real eye-opener about the truth of the Bible. The deep love of God for both the lost and the saved jumps off of every page. It shows how God has provided the remedy for our sins, wants our repentance and faith for salvation, asks us to live for Him, and shows us how to recognize the signs of the times. I could read this book again and again and still learn new things, and I plan to do just that.”

—Simone M.

“The unique format of “The Last Ride” is unlike any of Mark’s other books!  But as is with all his books, the reader will understand the Bible better,  receive a clear gospel presentation, and be challenged with the urgency to spread God’s Word to the ends of the Earth. He boldly expounds on the truth  while exposing doctrinal error  It is loaded with Scriptures and sprinkled with his humor!  Couldn’t put it down!!”

—Linda G.

“Wonderful read!! There can be no doubt that the Lord has given Mark Cahill a tremendous desire for ‘all men to be saved, and come unto the knowledge of the truth,’ a deep love for the ‘pure Word of the Lord,’ and great courage to ‘earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.’ This book addresses the many false teachings rampant in the world today and their false christs that cannot save. It presents the truth of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which can only be found in His Scriptures! Time is short. The King of Kings is coming. Are you ready?”

—Tara R.

“Once I read the first chapter of The Last Ride, I knew it would be my favorite of Mark’s six books. It hooked me from the beginning and left me reassured of God’s unconditional love, His never-failing mercies, and His just judgments.”

—Linda R.

“An interesting point of observation down through time. Bringing to the attention of the reader how things that were predicted in the Bible actually came to pass, thus showing the reliability of God’s Holy Word. Each chapter creates a hunger for the next, concluding in the wrapping-up scenes of this world. Have a nice ride!”

—Dennis H.