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Thankful Feedback (2018)

Nov 18, 2018


     Last week, we had enormous feedback through email and Facebook about the newsletter. It was great to read the comments and hear how many of you were forwarding the newsletter to others. We thought that all of you might enjoy reading some of the comments we received:

Hey Mark,

     Thanks so much for always standing firmly on the Word of God as the basis for all that you write in your newsletters and for always speaking the truth in love. Your “Thankful” article hit the nail on the head when it comes to the issue of false teachers. I firmly believe false teachers do more damage to the name of Jesus Christ than do unbelievers or other religions that attack Christianity. Thanks for staying the course, and I hope you receive more positive replies to your article than critical ones! 

Best Regards,
Ray T.



     This is really a good newsletter!!! And don’t you worry about standing up for truth that is wrapped in love by the cross of Jesus Christ! We have lost family and friends, and even pastors and churches, but what we have gained from the truth and love of God’s Word outweighs anything we could ever lose. If we don’t stand up for the truth, we will fall for anything.

     Sometimes witnessing is a lonely job—NO privilege—but it’s the best thing you’ll ever do in your life. It’s the only thing that gives you the peace of God. Actually, there are no words to describe the feeling and greatness of what takes place when you share Jesus Christ with someone who is in darkness. The words that try to describe the action of winning someone to Jesus Christ when the Holy Spirit uses you pale to the outright action of doing it and giving God the glory for it.

— Carl S.


Hey Mark,

     I just read your newsletter after praying in tongues for half an hour, LOL. I’m intelligent (degree from AU, love to study, read, and particularly read the Bible) and am born again through Christ Jesus!  I, too, have a gift of knowledge and have “radar ears” tuned in to finding error and believe in standing on God’s Word!  I, too, used to think praying in tongues was gibberish and couldn’t get beyond my personal intellect, until Jesus filled me with the Holy Ghost and it happened to me! Now I do it daily! Hallelujah!  

     The Truth has never changed, but revelation of Truth comes to us in sometimes different ways and different times. There are denominations, pastors, evangelists, etc., who tend to focus primarily on one or two main aspects of Truth, which can eventually lead to some error. That’s why it’s important to balance what we hear with the whole Truth. I don’t know of any teacher, pastor, evangelist who has 100% revelation in every area, including you and me! 

     Instead of seeing who we can tear down in the Kingdom and kick out, we need to be seeing who we can bring in!  And yes, there is a need for exhortation of the saints and prosperity in this world! Without prosperity, you couldn’t get any of your books out and you wouldn’t still be vertical, walking the earth, or praising Jesus right now!  We all (born-again Christians) are on the assembly line headed to Jesus, and we’re not getting off until the trump blows! 

     From one recovering, still-in-progress, hyper-critical/judgmental brother to another.  

In love, 
Brother T. A.


Hi Mark,

     Well, it is no coincidence that you sent out this newsletter. Solid Christian teaching in my town and neighboring towns is nil. I’ve been struggling with this issue. My pastor is teaching the book of Revelation, and he said just two Sundays ago that “we aren’t supposed to take the Word literally when God is describing Heaven or Hell!?!” Even after he gave me an explanation for his comments, I don’t trust him. This is the fourth church I’ve been to in 15 years because of false teaching.

Many thanks, 
Stacey H.



     Have you taken the time to sit down with any of the Bethel team or the Hillsong worshipers or Brian Houston or Kenneth Copeland, etc., to get to know them and hear their heart? If you had, I believe you would have learned they are thankful for the same things you shared and that their mission is like yours—to make others jealous for Jesus. You would have also learned about their testimonies of the fulfillment of what the Lord says are signs that will accompany those who BELIEVE (Mark 16). While I do not know all on that list you provided, I am familiar with several. I would encourage you to look at the fruit in their lives. Many of them are not only about making converts but disciples of Jesus, often as a result of experiencing miraculous healing and deliverance. I appreciate your love for the Word, because I share that same love, but I am saddened by your attack on some of these precious, though imperfect, people whose hearts are to represent Him in the earth; to evidence the love and truth of God to a lost, hurting, and dying generation; and to employ the gifts God has deposited in their recreated spirits to enable and facilitate others to experience John 10:10b. May the Holy Spirit speak to you concerning this.      

— G.


Dear Mark! 

     Thank you for your wonderful, truthful newsletter. I totally agree with you. Without truth, where is love? I am one who researches what the pastor teaches to make sure he is right on, and I have told him so. He thanked me. 

     I thank the Holy Spirit for your guidance and ministry. 

Mary D.


Thank you, Mark,

     Included with the gold dust of Bill Johnson/Bethel is their belief in “grave sucking.”

In His Grace, 



     I was sitting at my desk this morning reading your newsletter, and you were making me laugh out loud! You went off! But it was awesome because as I continue to go out and talk to people, I’m amazed by what people think and believe. If you had written about the “Gold Dust” people three weeks ago, I would not have known who they were, but a supervisor at my office talked to me about them a couple of weeks ago. He is incredibly passionate. He and I have daily conversations, and it is fascinating to learn about the kinds of things people can twist out of the Bible. Anyway, have a great rest of your week and Thanksgiving week. I, too, am thankful for the truth and God’s Word. I am also thankful for you and your encouragement.

Keep it up, brother! 
Ryan L.


Mr. Cahill, 

     I really enjoy reading the newsletters you send out. This one got me thinking a lot about how I need to be testing everything I see and hear with the Bible and what it says. Can you point me in the direction of the biblical basis for women not being able to pastor a church? I haven’t thought a lot about this subject, and I want to look into what the Bible says about it. I am not exactly sure where I should be looking. 

— Chris


Hi Mark,

     So true!!! Every Christian needs to hear and read those reminders all the time. Way to keep us on our toes because it’s so true. We’re in a generation that’s not supposed to “rock the boat” and criticize a Christian, even if they speak one thing that goes against the Bible, yet speak so many other truths. One false point ruins the rest of their message. Same concept as if the Bible had one untruth: if it did, then the whole book wouldn’t be valid. Thankfully it doesn’t, so we’re good!  SO glad you don’t care what other people think and just throw the truth out there while we have the time in these last days! GREAT article and great way to stay BOLD!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving, 
Shawna L.


 Acts 17:11

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

     It was exciting to see how many responses we received and to see that so many followers of this ministry are good, solid Bereans! Searching the Scriptures to discern truth has been key throughout all of history, but it is especially important in these latter days.

I am thankful that you are Bereans and thankful we have more time left to reach the lost!

Until the nets are full,


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