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Ten Questions from the King Comments

Aug 14, 2017

Ten Questions from the King!

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A lady who recently picked up Ten Questions from the King on eBook just sent us these comments:

Mark’s book, “Ten Questions from the King,” was so captivating that I finished it in a few hours, mainly reading it in waiting rooms while taking friends to doctor appointments! Each chapter is inundated with scriptures and Mark’s personal testimonies, which are two of my favorite things to read! I appreciate the fact that Mark doesn’t just tell you HOW and WHY we should witness, he practices what he preaches on a regular basis and therefore, gives personal examples rather than just pulling illustrations off the internet.

Each of the ten questions caused me to search my heart and ask myself if I was truly giving Jesus “my all” or just “the leftovers.”  Each chapter also gave tidbits for how to witness to people of different religious beliefs. For example, I’m currently witnessing to a Jewish family and there is a plethora of information for how to show them that Jesus is their Messiah.

The last testimony in chapter ten was icing on the cake for me, which I won’t tell about due to “spoiler alert”!!! Because of that testimony, I truly grasped the concept of the “ripple effect” that happens when planting the seeds of the gospel. One quote that stuck out for me was: “We have no idea what God will do with the seeds we plant. Conversely, think about what God cannot do because a seed has not been planted.” Wow!!!  I went witnessing the next day and was able to apply the questions mentioned in the book to the conversations I had with passersby. 

A fire was definitely lit under me by the time I finished the book!  Praise God!

Praise the Lord!  Her comments were so nice to hear! Also, we will be sending out another announcement in a few days when the paperback is available!

Until the nets are full,