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Standing Up for What You Believe

Oct 19, 2019


We received this email from a pastor friend. He was a United Methodist pastor standing strong on the Word of God. The Methodist denomination has had problems in recent decades with issues like women pastors, homosexuality, abortion, and more. Those practices have caused a lot of problems.

So what should you do if you are faced with the these issues? You warn people about the direction they are headed. What if they won’t budge? Then what would you do? Pastor Mark found himself in this exact situation, and here’s what he did:

Hi Mark,

I was a United Methodist pastor until November of 2018 when I went out and started a new church for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God placed me in a position to teach and shepherd His flock, and for nearly ten years it was going strong. Our congregation was strong—we were strong in the Word, strong in the community, and strong in spreading the Word. But three years ago, that all changed.

The Methodist organization is going through a time where they might split because the LGBTQ want to be bishops and pastors within the Methodist organization, something I have a problem with. It would be kind of like putting Paul behind the pulpit to preach a great sermon and him going back to being Saul after church is over, and then he starts killing Christians again with NO repentance.

Anyway, I remember talking to you through email about it, and you brought up Galatians 1:10, a verse that asks the question, Who am I living for: man or God?

The Methodist organization has let the ways of the world creep in, and a lesbian was appointed to be the bishop over several states. The District Superintendent asked me why I wanted to leave. I told him why, and then he said, “Let me tell you what I believe.” I told him it didn’t matter what he believes; what matters is the truth. And truth is found in the Bible, NOT in the book of discipline.

I took a bold stand for my Lord and Savior. I called their bluff and left the UMC (United Methodist Church). Ninety percent of the congregation said they couldn’t leave the building, the memories, or the organization.

I gave it to the Lord, and He gave us a place to rent, hymnals, a keyboard, and everything you need to start a church. THE LORD WILL PROVIDE, if you let Him lead and follow Him. We have been our own entity for nine months now: Soul Seeking Community Church.

There is nothing wrong with being bold about what you know to be true. There is everything wrong with doing things just to fit in. There’s everything wrong with being wishy washy. Christ didn’t hesitate to save us from sin and offer us salvation. He is a loving God, no doubt, but don’t turn Him into a wimp.

Like you say, “It doesn’t matter what you believe or what I believe; what matters is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pastor Mark Shettler,

Soul Seeking Community Church


God honors your bold stand. He has totally taken care of Mark and his congregation, and they are flourishing! They flourish because of truth and love. Mark and his congregation have stood boldly against false teaching, and that is something all of us should do. He would not let the flock be devoured by the enemy. Protect those around you, and help anyone you can get out of any false teaching. And then be very bold in reaching the lost in your community for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Until the Nets are Full,



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