Eternity is rushing towards us.
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Religion of Peace

May 15, 2017

Religion of Peace

I like to find good websites that help me to stay up-to-date about events taking place around the world. One place I go to is:


It is a very informative site. If you look in the left hand column, the Jihad Report shows the number of incidents that happened around the world in just the last week alone! I am always blown away by those numbers. Did you see the mainstream media report those statistics? Do you ever wonder why they don’t?

And then I ran into this article: 


Remember, you have every right to deny reality or truth, but reality and truth still exist.

There are Muslims all around us that need Jesus. College campuses are great places to get into witnessing conversations with them. Keep caring about the souls of the all of the Muslims around you.  Many of them have questions and are more open than we might think.

Until the Nets are Full,


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