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Question of Origins

Aug 15, 2018


     We have been talking about our educational system this month, and it’s a good reminder for all of us to prepare for handling the lies of the world when they come our way.  We expect people to challenge biblical truth, but they don’t expect us to push back on their belief system in the same ways.

     The following quote is taken from a good article I just read by Creation Ministries International: Four Steps for Surviving Evolution Classes at High School. This article gives every reader, young or old, four fantastic tips for asking the lost to defend their beliefs, rather than letting them put us on the defensive.


Remember, questions are a great way to change the dynamics of any conversation. So remind your friends, family, and other Christians to keep great questions ready to ask the lost!

Most all solid ministries know the importance of protecting everyone from the false teachings of academia, so they equip and protect adults as well as children.

Some young adults have told me that they walked away from God because of the material they were taught in their college science classes, and most of them pinpoint it to the topic of evolution. How many of us have unbelieving relatives who have also bought the lie of evolution? Are you able to poke enough holes in the evolutionary thought process that they and those you talk to on the streets will begin to consider that God created the heavens and the earth? Evolution and the Geologic Time Scale are two big reasons for why people reject God. Again, this is very serious business.

You can find this outstanding article, Four Steps for Surviving Evolution Classes at High School, at:  https://creation.com/surviving-evolution-classes-at-high-school

Also, Creation.com has a great search engine. I recommend this site to many people. You can type in dinosaurs, young earth, etc., and you will find a lot of articles to help equip you to defend the biblical position and strengthen your convictions about the truth of the Scriptures.

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