Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.


The Watchmen (Case)

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So many Christians wonder if they are living up to the high calling of Christ in our lost and dying world. How can we lay down our lives to best serve the Lord during our brief time on earth? What should be the focus of every Christian’s life? Are we living and breathing for the sake of the gospel?

The Watchmen will passionately move your heart to become a watchman of God who blows the trumpet long and loud in the lives of the unsaved around us. The world is sleeping but must be awakened to the reality of Judgment Day that is fast approaching. Everyone must be ready.

Through a friendly and conversational style, you’ll see the importance of equipping yourself with sound biblical truth to warn the lost and of living to adorn the gospel of Christ. You will want to encourage, bless, and speak boldly into the lives of all you meet to rescue them from God’s coming wrath. Every believer can become a hero of the faith to someone! These are the words and deeds the Lord treasures because they show how real He and His love are to the world. And they are watching.

I think you will appreciate the many stories and scriptures, as well as the challenges and encouragements found in the pages of this book. Time runs short for the church and the lost. We must finish strong for the Lord and take as many souls with us to heaven as possible. Join with the watchmen of God, who lift up their trumpets to call the perishing to choose life in Christ!

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