Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Fiction Bundle


Three books
(208 – 224 pp.)

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Order one copy of each of Mark's books with one request!

Includes One of Each:

In Paradise, we take you on the journey of a man named “Josh" who is about to head off into eternity. The question is: Is he ready? This fast-paced adventure is loaded with the timeless truths that answer the pressing questions of our day. Topics such as creation versus evolution, is the Bible true, does God exist, angels and demons, did the resurrection really happen, and can we be good enough to go to heaven are covered with logic, clarity, and even a touch of humor. Suspense builds toward the critical moment of having to make a decision for Christ. Readers will become so involved in the story, they'll wonder if Josh is making this decision or whether they are. Will he pick the right Paradise? Should they? This novel conveys the urgency to reach everyone with eternal truths now. The world has questions, and we have the answers. The lost need to know truth, so they can choose Christ and the real Paradise before it's too late. You'll be thanking God and creating your own adventures of a lifetime as you do!

Reunion is full of relevant and current topics that I believe will impact many. We take four high school seniors through the ups and downs of their senior year of high school. At the end of their senior year, and on the brink of stepping out into the journey of life, they make a commitment to come back to every high school reunion! So we follow them from their 10th reunion through their 60th reunion, and you can just imagine how much their lives are going to change as they go through college and progress on through their lives. Which paths will they take and what will influence their choices? But the last chapter is the 1000th reunion! The real key is who is going to meet up together on the other side. We cover all kinds of topics in this book from suicide, creation/evolution, absolute vs. relative truth, racism, homosexuality, Islam, and a host of other issues. This book is a historical novel or realistic fiction, but it is set in the very famous surroundings of Stone Mountain, GA which is rich in history. So we get glimpses of the Confederacy and the Deep South as the story unfolds. It is a real page-turner with its quick-paced dialogue and light-hearted humor. A bunch of people that I have already given it to let me know they read it in one sitting and that it is so riveting, it's hard to put down!

The Last Ride adventure will make you think about how life on earth has progressed and how it will end. We cover many topics — the sanctity of life, Islam, syncretism, the preservation of truth, the heart of God, persecution of the Jews, the hand of God moving through all of history, the gospel, influences pressing down on the family, homosexuality, false teachings in the visible church, fulfillment of prophecy, the foundations of worship, the problem of sin, world events, and the seven churches of the Book of Revelation — done in a way that makes for a very quick read. It is a wake-up call to the church. It is a wake-up call to every born-again Christian. It is a wake-up call that leaves us so alert that none of us will ever hit the snooze button again. The time is now to make our stand. No more waiting. No more looking for others around you to do it. Your time is now. My time is now. No more excuses. The final curtain call is coming. Are you ready, and are you getting others ready, for The Last Ride?

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 2 in