Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Pressing Toward 2024

Dec 26, 2023

This week is always a perfect time to think about what the Lord has done for us, spend time with family, share our faith, and finish the year as strong soul winners.  

Praise God for the gift of His Son, whom He has given to all of mankind. Make it your goal to proclaim the gift of salvation that He offers to all people everywhere.

Finish 2023 with a bang for the Lord, and get ready for 2024, which could be one of the most exciting years of our lifetimes!

Until the Nets are Full,

P.S. We share witnessing stories with you to help you stay motivated to reach the lost, day in and day out. We want to show mercy and love toward the lost, especially when they’ve messed up badly in life. Here’s a great piece of feedback from David, who does just that.



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