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Poking Holes in Error

May 6, 2021


Often, for people to believe truth, they need to be shown how untruths have led them astray. They might also need to see how they have been lied to. When it comes to apologetics, we not only give a defense of what we believe, but many times we have to poke holes in the belief system they hold to. Once those holes are created in their belief system, then truth can flow right through those openings.

Now, we do this “hole-poking” in love. Many people are deceived and do not even know it. So, we open up those channels and let truth flow right through those openings to impact their hearts and minds.

We got this neat email the other day that I thought you would enjoy reading:

Thanks, Mark!

I just listened to the one-hour speech you gave about Roman Catholicism and the Holy Bible! This video was so good that I’m going to listen to it again, at least two more times today, with pen and paper in hand this time.  

When you spoke about the Catholic catechism in your speech, I remembered that I might have one of those catechisms somewhere around my condo. On the floor of my bedroom, in the corner there it was! The pages weren’t even wrinkled. I dusted off the cover, and it looks brand new. Mark, I had never opened it!!! That is, until now. I followed along in it as I listened to your speech. And a very enlightening, informative speech it was.

I just emailed it to eight different class members of a Catholic Bible study. One of them is the class teacher, Agnes. If I come up missing, don’t look for any gang stalkers to be the culprits. Instead, look for Agnes! 

In all seriousness, this speech is really great. I like the way you backed everything up with the Word of God. I just don’t know where I would begin, in regards to officially denouncing my church and adopting another one. I don’t want to go to hell, though. Is there a denomination you would recommend?


P.S. – Thank you! I downloaded this speech!


We have received tons of feedback about this message. You can listen to it at the link below. Feel free to pass it along to your Catholic friends and to Christians as well. The information in this talk will give you strong points to use when witnessing to others.



Peter wasn’t the first Pope, and only the grace of God through Jesus Christ can get anyone to Heaven.

Romans 11:6

And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then it is no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.

Truth is really what people are looking for. So go ahead and give it to them!

3 John 3

For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth.

3 John 8

We therefore ought to receive such, that we might be fellow-helpers to the truth.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. Don’t you just want to be left alone sometimes? Well, there is a group out there who is not going to let you be left alone to your ideas and thoughts. It is time to fight for what you and your family believe. And, by the way, isn’t it time to fight for souls as well?


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