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Playing with Balls – Feedback

Feb 11, 2023


I was hoping our Playing with Balls newsletter from last week would generate a lot of feedback, and it did. Mission accomplished! If you haven’t read it, here is the link for you.



We  received quite a few comments, several of which we wanted to share with you:

Love it. Our pastor said something this Sunday I knew you would like. He was talking about having perspective for what’s important. “Prophecy gives us perspective by knowing what’s to come.” Then he said, “If you were to be transported into the past to board a cruise ship, and before you stepped on board you saw the name Titanic on the side, do you think you would be trying to be the best shuffleboard player on board? Of course not. You would be doing everything you could to prepare everyone to avoid the impending crash and death. In the same way, we know the end game. God has written that down for us.”

Instead of striving to be the best at “playing with balls,” to use your line, we should be getting busy preparing and telling everyone about the Lord.



I received an email from my battle buddy in Iraq, Emery. A friend of his, Phil, shared your Playing with Balls article and Emery passed it on to many others. I have also been thinking about this serious problem of idolatry for a long time. I have thought about how people worship. For true Christians, it is so much more than lifting your hands in church and singing. This is really just lip service to God if you are not actively sharing your faith and Jesus with others. For the unsaved, whether they think about it or not, they are religious as well. And their worship is idolatry, whether it is sports, gambling, material things, etc. 

Anyway, I really liked your article and am ordering your book One Heartbeat Away.




Ouch! My eye!!

I am a sports fan but never really thought about it like this!!! If it was the Super Bowl or church, I’d be at church. This past Christmas at my church, we had Christmas Eve service but no service on Sunday (Christmas day). A long time ago, some pointed out that the Bible says nothing about celebrating Christmas or Jesus’ birthday or anything like that. So, it’s just another day to me. I wanted to be at church on the Lord’s day…not sitting around a Christmas tree, giving/getting gifts. 

Thanks for opening my eyes to this idolatry!! I thank God every day for you and your amazing ministry!!! Praying for you always!!




My husband used to be a sports idol―played rugby, hockey, and football in Canada. And, when we first met, he didn’t understand my stand on organized sports. But, praise God, he came to realize the idolatry of it!



1 John 5:21

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

No more shuffleboard. Time is running out too quickly.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  Tim was using his layover in the Houston airport to reach some lost people for Christ when he had an interesting surprise!

I was witnessing to a couple awaiting my standby flight to Houston. This lady seated across from me said, “You’re not Cahill, are you?” I told her I was a good friend. She pulls your awesome book out of her purse. She loves your books! She’s sharing them with relatives. I do, too, by the way.


Be ready to reach the lost, like Tim and the lady he met, whether it’s during a layover, a trip to the store, walking in your neighborhood, or wherever you go!




P.P.S. One Heartbeat Away made it all the way to the Idol Worshipping scene in Phoenix this weekend. Please pray for all the seeds that were planted and for all of the soul winners that were there as well.



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