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Paradise – Top Ten Reviews

Jan 6, 2024

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“Paradise, has a shocking ending, good documentation, great compassion, and it’s very intriguing and suspenseful. Thank you for a book that I want to share with as many as I can. I pray they will read and contemplate their eternal destiny.”

— Jane W.

“Although am a pastor, am not a full-time pastor. I didn’t know how the Bible was written, but when I read your book called Paradise, I found good answers about how the Bible was written. I have been troubled in answering questions from Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other churches including Pagans. They have been defeating me in public. But when I read Paradise, I became a champion. I went to them again to tell them about how the Bible was written. After that, I won more Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others, and they became a real Christians. I want to thank you because of your book (and all the other books that you have written). It is powerful, and it has inspired me.“ 

— Pastor Henry S. Malawi

“My son told me, ‘I have read a book that has changed my whole belief system about God. It’s called Paradise ’ I grew up in church and wasn’t an atheist or agnostic, but everything puzzled me. I’m so mad at myself that I doubted all of this. I’m not a reader, but I read Paradise in 2 1/2 hours. My son’s cellmate picked the book from the book cart and laid it on the floor for a week before he and my son read it. My son read it first, then his cellmate, and both of them had the same reaction. Thank you for writing this book!”

— Sherry B.

“My name is Anthony, and I’m in a county detention center in Kentucky. Your books (novels) have done what I never thought was possible. I do believe and the hope and faith in my Lord Jesus Christ has saved me from the depths of Hell. Thank you, God, for putting your words in Mr. Cahill.  Thank you, so much. I’m going to Paradise and to the kingdom of heaven! AMEN!”

— Anthony S.

“Thanks so much for what you do! As a senior in high school, I have been a believer for seven years already. At my grandparents’ house, I read your book Paradise. It was amazing how you built the tension and shared evidence for the Bible. The book was sobering and motivational for me to evangelize, since I return home and start school again in the fall. I think God provided this book just at the right time in my life. Even in my evangelism encounters, I ask people the million dollar question: If you were to die tonight, and God were to ask you why He should let you into heaven, what would you say? However, I never actually thought about a person who only has 24 hours to live. Because we don’t know the number of our days, for all we know, everyone could have 24 hours or less to live. Paradise really brings all these ideas together into a compelling story. Thanks again for such a wonderful book.”

— Daniel J.

“A close friend gave me your book Paradise back in 2013, and honestly, it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Prior to reading it, I was in a place where I knew God was calling me, but I was afraid to take the necessary steps to truly follow Him. After I finished your book, I knew what I had to do. I gave my life to Christ on the back of a bus going to one of my college basketball games. And, since that day, I haven’t looked back. Christ came into my life, and things haven’t been the same. God planted a seed in me, through you, and I just want to thank you for answering His call.”

— Brandon D.

“I was so enthusiastic to read your book on Saturday, especially after personally meeting you, that on the first leg of my return flight to Hawaii, I actually read your book Paradise from front to back! I must tell you that I really enjoyed reading it! I loved the easy-reading style of this book. The mixing of the Hawaiian language was genius! You kept my attention the whole time and left me wanting to read more! By the way, I made the decision to go to the real Paradise a long time ago!”

— T. Mortenson

Paradise is a good book and actually helped to clear up some questions I had wondered about in my own life— about works versus Jesus. You make really compelling arguments for creationism, and I think you’re right: the world and universe could NOT have been made randomly, as evolution posits. In fact, that’s almost insane. I can’t believe, now, that my college major actually spent so much time on that subject! I think science is really just a way for humans to decode what God has created in a way that is understandable to us. I suddenly don’t look at the sky, clouds, the environment, other humans, or really anything else in the same way as I did prior to reading your book. I was walking home earlier and looking at the sky and thought, “Wow, a true artist had to have created all of this.” Aloha, Mark, and thanks again for the wonderful book!”

— I. Kahoano, Hawaii

“I’m totally surprised at all the apologetics packed into Paradise when it’s supposed to be a fictional novel!  The story was suspenseful and intriguing enough to compel me to keep reading to the end of every chapter. I actually finished it in one night because, honestly, I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out how it ended! Throughout the book, there was so much evidence to back up relevant topics such as creation/evolution, Catholicism, the resurrection, fulfilled prophecies, etc., just to name a few. It’s an easy book to give away because it satisfies the need for drama with fiction readers, as well as the desire for meat for the intellectuals! I love this book and look forward to the feedback from those I give it to!!!”

— L Goodall

“As a team member of Project Truth, we get to evangelize hundreds of college students during our ministry, all of them seeking their own idea of what paradise means to them in their own mind. Mark’s book Paradise is right on and makes us each ponder our own journey during the short period of time we spend here. Paradise opens the truth to Christians that we must get out of the vacation mindset when it comes to giving the gospel message.”

— B. Aguilar Team Member of Project Truth