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One Heartbeat Away – Top Ten Reviews


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One Heartbeat Away is an AMAZING book, and I really recommend reading it! It is a powerful tool/resource to use in leading your friends to Christ!”

—S Bruce,
15 years old

“Just want you to know that I loved the way you wrote One Heartbeat Away. Written specifically for the lost and searching, its style equips the believer with solid Christian apologetics. This book is a real one-two punch. Also, the title is BRILLIANT! It grabs one’s attention immediately because eternity is ever on the minds of those God is drawing.”

—S Kalman

“I have severe dyslexia, which makes reading a real drag, but when I picked up your book One Heartbeat Away, it was not only understandable, but powerful and fun to consume.”

—R Concklin

One Heartbeat Away is one of the most remarkable books ever!!”

—P Mathews

One Heartbeat Away is truly one of the most complete, definitive books for the gospel that I’ve ever gotten my hands on. I LOVE sending it out because, next to the Bible, it is the most effective book I send!!”

—Jo Anna W.

“I was a hardcore atheist until I read One Heartbeat Away.”

—Josh R.

“At 83 years old, I can tell you emphatically that One Heartbeat Away is the best book I have ever read in my life!”

—Edna Pearl S.

“I think everyone should give a copy of One Heartbeat Away to their non-believing friends and family. It contains compelling science that supports a Creator’s intelligence behind the design of man, nature, and the universe. Mark Cahill takes the existence of God from a leap of faith to an absolute logical conclusion. Brilliant. He propels Jesus above all others, as fulfilling the law of God, and, more importantly, as the ONLY chance we have at salvation. This book really creates a must for the reader. Again, brilliant.”

—Ted M.
Book Review

One Heartbeat Away is one of the most awesome witnessing/evangelism tools around for both non-believers and believers.”

—Bob H.

One Heartbeat Away is my favorite book to leave a lost person with following a conversation. It not only presents all the information they need to make a calculated decision concerning Jesus Christ and their eternal destination, but I find it usually extends on points I made during the conversation—great edification for non-believers. I gave away three copies to an atheist and two skeptics after a great talk in a McDonald’s parking lot. All three seemed interested in reading it, particularly the atheist. Glory to God!”

—J Hayes
Vice President & Information Director, Project 100 Ministries

To read all One Heartbeat Away Reviews: https://markcahill.org/one-heartbeat-away-reviews/