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Motorcycle Parts Angel

Jun 11, 2018


     Here is another example of someone using tracts to reach people. Jeremy runs an eBay business and puts tracts in every order he sends out. What a great idea! He gets good feedback and not-so-good feedback. He takes the risk of losing customers by doing that, but those people’s souls are more important to him than a dollar bill. How about you?

Hi Mark,

I love handing out your tracts and products. Last year alone on eBay, I believe 9,100 people from all over the USA and the world got your “Prize” tract. That was awesome!

I have had a lot of people email me back encouraging me and thanking me for being a witness, and then I have had a few blast me for sending the tracts telling me to leave the Gospel out of the orders. The only real big story is the one you sent me of the mother that was praying for her son that left the church at an early age and was praying that something would cross his path. I believe she called me “Motorcycle-parts Angel.”

God Bless,


     Here’s the story that Jeremy is referring to:

Hi Mark,

My son, 22 years old, ordered motorcycle parts online. When the package came, it had a “Paradise” card from Mark Cahill in it, too. I am not sure who he ordered the parts from, but I am so grateful for the card enclosed in the package. He was raised in a Baptist church and attended until he was 18. I have prayed for Christian people to always be in his path and that he would return to church.

Thank you and the “motorcycle-parts angel” for stepping in his path.

Blessings for your ministry,



    Jeremy also had someone else respond to one of his tracts:

Dear Jeremy,

I recently purchased a motorcycle part from you. When I opened it up, I found a card in there that said – The Prize.  It was very nice. Thank you. I have been a Christian since November 23rd, 1983. No one seems to care about others anymore or take the time to do anything nice.  I appreciate what you did. Enclosed is a card I authored after my mom died in Oct 2011. Also enclosed is a gospel cd I made in May 2004 for my family, but then my 27-year-old daughter suddenly passed away so I put her name on it in memory. I have given away 2,600 in 13 years. It has 9 various songs I sang in church thru the years. The 10th song is my grandmother. She was an opera singer. I hope you enjoy it. May GOD Richly bless you and your family throughout the coming year!

Sincerely yours,



    If Jeremy wasn’t willing to step out in faith to reach his customers for the Lord, he would never get responses like this. There are all sorts of ways you can use tracts to reach the lost. The salvation of one soul makes all of your efforts worth it. Aren’t you glad someone reached out to you with the gospel?

Until the Nets are Full,


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