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More Valuable Than Many Sparrows – Feedback

Jul 12, 2019


We had some interesting feedback from last week’s newsletter that we wanted to share with you.

If you’ll recall, Mrs. Sparrow was a Catholic turned 25-year Presbyterian music-minister who afterward turned against religion altogether and what she called “fake” Scripture. But what might not have been obvious on first read came out through some of the feedback about the newsletter.

A lady from Germany is sad that some Christians are sleepy:

Dear Mr. Cahill, 

About 2 years ago, God used you, your videos on YouTube, and the German translation of One Thing You Can´t Do in Heaven to encourage me to evangelize. I started praying for God to make me bold. He heard me! Well, I could write a book now, too. 

Sometimes it feels like God´s holy people fell asleep, and the work is getting [to be] more and more. I get so sad at times. And “sleepy,” too. Then God speaks to me through your newsletters again.

Please continue to do your job and keep us awake  

God bless you, 



Robert also wrote in to explain the impact of Christians who were willing to stand for truth and what’s right. He laments that Mrs. Sparrow didn’t see that same passion demonstrated around her:

Hi Mark,

As a former atheist, I truly do thank God that I was not raised in the lukewarm (dead?) churches of America, for then I might think myself saved, when I was not. God brought me in through the back door of secular reasoning and then through salt-and-light Christians who stood for something — kind of like you do. By then, I knew that God was real, but I did not know that Christians were, because I had never met a Christian who actually stood for something and against the culture. 

Once I saw that there WERE indeed Christians in America, my unconditional surrender was nearly immediate. The cost was counted, yes, but it was a rapid counting. Fortunately, I had been something of an outcast in my own liberal, pluralistic family prior to this, so I came into the “fold” with eyes wide open. I have been most unsurprised by this sort of “falling away,” as it were. 

If only Mrs. Sparrow had spent those decades in Christianity instead of Churchianity, she might have understood that our faith is not blind, feelings-based, or fact-less! Nor is it without compassion or true love.  This is why I bring the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the churches. They are the new mission field in the West. 

May God bless you. Your newsletter is indeed encouraging in its own way! 



When you know the truth, you want others to know it, too. You want them to be set free from the lies that are holding them captive. Mrs. Sparrow hasn’t found that Truth yet. Neither have many of the people you meet every day. Just maybe like Robert, they are looking for real answers from a real Christian with a real faith who has a real concern about where they spend eternity. Just maybe . . .

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. If you haven’t visited out our Translation page recently, you can check it out at the link below. On the Translation page, you will find books and booklets in various languages that are available for download in PDFs. You can either pass around those PDFs to the people who need to read them in their own language or simply pass around the online link.

We have a Japanese translation underway and could use a proofreader who is fluent in both Japanese and English. If you happen to know of anyone, have them get in touch with the ministry at [email protected]. Thank you!