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Mark Cahill New Book

Aug 8, 2017



Now if there is one thing I love in life, it’s a great question! Something that makes you think. Something that stops you and makes you ponder what you were just asked.

But as I thought about this one day, I began to wonder, Who would ask the best questions ever? You guessed it; it would have to be Jesus.

So as I was reading through the New Testament, I started noticing all of the great questions that Jesus asked and had an idea: Why not go through ten of His questions and figure out why He asked them!

The outcome of that idea is this book! It is a return to writing non-fiction and it is different from my other books. It has more of a study, yet devotional-type format with ten questions at the end of each of the ten chapters. And it is designed for a Sunday School class, a men’s or women’s group, a home group or homeschool group, an FCA group, for personal study, or even for your entire church to go through together. Or you can just sit down and read it front to back!


As with all of my books, I have included interesting witnessing stories to challenge and encourage you to stand strong for the Lord Jesus Christ.

One story in the book is from a lady named Cindy who was sitting in a philosophy class at Chapman College one day, when the professor asked: “Why do you believe what you believe?” This question rocked her world. It hit her like a lightning bolt. She had been raised Christian, but after being asked this question, she really began to consider what it meant to be a Christian. So she pulled out her Bible and started reading and studying. She was shocked to discover how much she didn’t know. She was 20 years old when she first heard that question, and now at the age of 68, she has never, ever forgotten that single, profound question! Questions are powerful.

We’ve also been getting some great feedback on the book. One pre-reader said:

“The most thought-provoking book Mark has written yet! No matter where you are in your journey of faith, be prepared to be challenged. You will be confronted with topics that cannot be ignored and compelled to respond with a sense of urgency to life’s most important questions. A must read!” — Dave F.

I really think you are going to enjoy this book. You can pick up your copy of the eBook by clicking below:

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So come with me on a fascinating journey through ten of the greatest questions that have ever been asked by the greatest Man who has ever put His feet on planet Earth! And see how asking simple, yet stimulating questions can deliver a powerful dose of truth to others around you to get them thinking about their choices in life in the light of eternity.

The paperback is coming soon!